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MG MGF Technical - airbox vs k&n

Why can we not drill holes in the side of our airbox for more air flow and more power. instead of buying a K&N. I used to have a corsa gsi which i drilled the airbox and mad a big difference. can we do this with and mgf vvc.

Yes, you can do something similar. In fact, this is exactly what is done with the Trophy 160 airbox (has an additional air intake). Fit one of these with a K&N/Pipercross/Green replacement element filter, and you should see an improvement.

Drop Victoria a line at the MGF Centre - she should be able to source you one of these pretty cheaply :o)
Rob Bell

thanks rob, i get onto it this weekend.

Gee, spent the weekend fitting a 160 Trophy airbox as supplied by Mike Satur to our ’97 VVC. The trophy AB is wider than the earlier VVC AB. I had to order a new airbox mounting bracket to suite the trophy’s AB and remove the air intake resonator (the plastic box that sits inside the LH rear wheel arch) by lifting the body off the left hand sub frame. I reused the original intake pipe (which is the rear intake on the Trophy AB) and the front intake (new) I placed near the left hand engine bay intake. I was concerned it could turn into a water scoop.
With a Pipercross flat filter and a 52mm TB (also supplied by Mike) I'm pleased with the improved performance.
I did run the 52mm TB with the original AB giving a marked improvement but with the Trophy AB the improvement went to another level.
Next step is to replace the brake pads – improved performance requires improved stopping ability.
Dennis Montgomery

I have a complete Trophy 160 airbox available if anyone wants to make an offer. Complete with all clips, both intake hoses, airbox and filter. It is off my 1st Trophy 160, which was sold with a K&N kit fitted.


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