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MG MGF Technical - Aircon water drip - advice needed

I have a 1996 1.8i F it had aircon fitted when new, I have recently aquired the car and it has now developed a water drip from the aircon air intake vent. After use It drips water straight in to the passenger footwell and all over the wife's feet.

Any ideas of the cause or how I can fix it ?


Iain Maynard

Just a thought

Its been very humid over the last few weeks, are you sure its not condensation forming on the outside of the casing dripping down...I had a similar problem with my air con when in oz (not on my MGF) I might add

I maybe barking up the wrong tree but worth a thought

Hope you get it resolved


Aircon units dehumidify the air and all that condensation has to go somewhere.

The incoming air goes over a cold heat exchanger or evaporator and the resulting condensation usually drips onto the road.


sound deadeningst duck into the passenger

We had the same problem in our F and do seem to remember that it was the drain tube not being properly connected. This was in the first week of ownership so it went straight back to the dealer.

Since then it has worked perfectly and had no problem with condensation on the inside as suggested by others.

Are you sure it is the air con? The heater box can also allow water into the cabin and usually the passenger foot well. Again this is easy to fix with silicone sealant around the heater box.


Patrick Beet

It looks like the condesation release tube had become blocked with C..p so fingers crossed.

Thanks David for pointing me in the right direction.



This 'blockage' was part of a bulletin years ago. (see archives and the FAQ link on top of this site)

Use a sharp knife or small sciccor to rework the small cut at the end of the drain hose.
Front and both sides should be cut, but dont cut off any material.

Dieter Koennecke

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