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MG MGF Technical - Airfilter swap

I have just fitted the K&N 57i to my 98 F.
Went out to try, couple of miles to warm up then about threequarters throttle to listen to the nice noise. The car accelerated up to about 4000rpm when it suddenly lost power and started misfiring. On coming to a halt the engine died and would not start.
There was, however, a strong smell of petrol.
After about 5 minutes I tried it again and it started, ran a bit ragged for a few seconds and then cleared.
It now seems ok.
Was it the computer adjusting itself?
Any other ideas?
Have I damaged the cat?
Nigel Burch

Really odd, any ideas people?

Scarlet Fever

My money's on dislodged ignition lead(s). I think I'd take a look before getting stranded!
Ian Walker

I agree with Ian - most likely one of the HT leads has come loose. Check that the leads are firmly in place on the distributer head and coil(s).

Not heard of anyone having this problem before, but I can see it happening (replaced the distributer head and rotor arm over the weekend and so can visualise the scenario).
Rob Bell

Or distrubutor cap.
Heard of some worn centre contacts (coal) recently.
Dieter Koennecke

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