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MG MGF Technical - Alarm and general anti theft protection

I often visit the UK, including over this years festive season. Unfortuanately during this period, some lovely individuals felt they could give my F a better home. Thanks to a quick reaction from a neighbour I still own my F.

Therefore it brought to my mind, just how good is the security on the F, is that standard Rover horn based alarm sufficient, and just how easy are they to steal. Are there any improvements or deteriants which suit the F well above and beyond the use of a quality stearing lock.

Your advice and comments are much appreciated and have a great new year.


Hi Mark.

I have fitted a top of the range CODE alarm on top of the Rover one provided. Since a Japanese version doesn't have a volumetric sensor, I have fitted extra 'motion sensor' on it.

I would suggest you fitting another alarm on it, since the standard Rover one doesn't have a impact sensor.

So what the theif has to go through mine..

if he peaks through the window with both hands on the windows (the alarm will go off)

if he leaves anything on top of the roof, the alarm will go off.

if he tries to break the window the alarm will go off

so basically, he can't get in without setting the alarm off.

Again, the Rover alarm will set off at the same time, if the door is opened.

Having two alarms will have double engine immobiliser effect.

Hope this helps.

Hanah Kim


I've only got the factory fit alarm, but every time I open my garage door....

...the alarm goes off.

Maybe a trip to the dealer is needed.

Heh, I agree with Hannah.. Fitting an extra alarm system is a must.. I currently havent done so, but I've only had her for 4 monthz ;p But I'm about to do some serious upgrades! I'd recommend a Clifford Concept 600.. This has everything the CODE has, as well as things like "Blackjack" - an anti-hijack system which thwarts any would-be hijacks ;) Oh, and I'd say get a Tracker too (if its available where you are).. Then if someone does get away with your F (by stealing the keys, maybe?), you can still find her very very quickly!

Actually, I saw a very interesting thing the other day.. A steering wheel lock that actually ELECTROCUTED the thief! I thought that was quite a good idea... A little pay back for the thieving b"$%^&*(s! ;) It was legal too! :)

Shashi Dookhee

Hi Shashi.

Is that steering wheel lock really legal?? Wow..

Clifford Concept 600 is a very good product indeed. It costs a lot more too. The best one from Code, that I have is quite acceptable... if you have 2 alarms anyway in the first place.

For the tracker... won't it be good for a porche or a ferrari? (after calculating all those monthly fees, machines, installs, etc...)

Just a thought.

And to Nigel, my car alarm does that too due to the extra motion sensor that I have fitted.

Hanah Kim


Does the extra alarm system require another remote. This would give me four remotes to carry.

MGF original
Electric Garage doors
And another

No room left in pockets for hands!



Hannah.. Yep, it's quite amazingly legal.. It uses some sort of Tazer technology (same sort of stuff that some police use..).

As for the Tracker.. It's quite reasonable in the UK.. Rover/MG really try to sell it to yah in their showrooms here.. You pay a price to have it installed (£199, £299 or £599 depending on what model you choose), and then you pay either £99/year or a one off fee of £299 (only useful if u are gonna keep the car for 4 years or more). So that equates to less than £9/month! Not really much ;) See it at

Thanks! :)

Shashi Dookhee

Let me just put a dampener on Tracker in it's normal mode. The information will state that all 43 UK Police Forces have vehicles equipped with Tracker, which is true. However you need to have these units working and maintained to provide any use. The numbers are locally to me both reduced to what they were and vehicles so fitted have become less frequently used.

The result is that there is absolutely no guarantee that a Tracker equipped Police vehcile will be about in the right area at the right time to be able to do a track. The other factor is that again locally the available times officers are available to drop what they are doing to go off and follow a signal is far less than it used to be.

These holes are completely beyond Trackers control and they WILL become wider as time passes. As a recent example I picked up a track and it was verified as being fitted to a caravan. I found the caravan as it drove to me on the M6 hitched to the back of a Toyota Land Criuser Amazon en-route to Eire!!! Stolen a few hours before from London. That is a long way to travel with no one able to get a track!

Second example a couple of months ago, a track received which was verifie as being some expensive plant. I tracked this to a lock up garage a couple of miles off the motorway in Birmingham. In all cases of a Tracker track a couple of years ago there would be at least 4 vehicles coming from different directions to help triangulate the position of the target. This occasion like the caravan there was just me!

No if you can justify the expence have a monitored system that uses GPS which is actually transmited to show the position of the vehicle live time to the security companies control. They then inform the local Polkcie who do not need any specially equipped vehicles or training to follow. They just go to the location where the GPS information says!! Tracker has such a system as does Securicaor and I now expect many more too.

There are other systems available that add some very effective imobilisation features that can be activated after the theft of the car as a back up to other pre theft systems.

Then there is the advanatge of having a monitored systems that allows you to be called by the security company when they see your car move and it is not authorised by your interaction with the system. This is great for longer term parking where your well away from your vehicle. The theft would be noted immediately and not on your return, when the car could be in any number of pieces or already on another identity.

This is an area where development with technology needs to be followed as the sticky finers brigade are no slouches to learn!

Roger Parker

To David.

Sadly, yes you have to carry two remotes, and in your case it will be 4 for you at the end. (I have a home alarm / MG alarm / CODE alarm).

It is a bit of a handful, so I tend to use girlfriend(s)'s hand bags... or just have an empty pocket everytime! (That's why I had to get a Nokia 8210... otherwise, my pants just will drop off from my heavy brick like old Alcatel phones + wallet + keys + remotes.. etc.etc!!!)

But, for peace of mind, it's definately worth it. I got the second alarm fitted a week after getting the car. (Also getting the motion sensor is pretty good especially in summer time, leaving the hood open)

To Shashi,

I read it somewhere that some security guard, touched a car that was all charged up (with the car battery), and he got a heartattack and passed away. The owner of the car was put in jail. ;)

But that steering lock, where can I get one? ;)) and for how much?

And man those Trackers are cheap there! It's alot more in New Zealand I think. Not available... widely.
And for a student like me, on going charges are not that welcome.. :)

I sent you an email regarding the information on rear speaker installation, so have a look.

To Roger,

Your information (everytime) is too good to miss, even though it doesn't apply for me.

Hanah Kim


Rog: You're right.. but the Tracker Horizon includes full GPS positioning, circumventing the traditional problemz ;)

Hannah: I'll hafta find the advertisement somewhere.. I think it was in the region of UK£200, and can be bought from here.. However, u'll probably hafta check with NZ law to see if it's legal there! It probably is, but u never know ;) I also heard about a guy electrifying his car cuz it got stolen 5 times or something, and was prosecuted - even tho the car was on private property!! And thanks for the email! I almost finished building my amp racks and stuff today ;)


Shashi Dookhee

Iíve been following this thread with interest. Read Rogers comments about gps tracking systems and the RAC do a product called ractrackstar (how much do they pay their marketers) Any comments re this. They want £555 install + 120 pa for the service ,this includes a sensor to monitor if the car is started or moved illegally, since this will involved a sensor in the fuel line (they say)does this effect the warranty


John Roach

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