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MG MGF Technical - Alcantara Care & Centre Console....

Are there any tips on care for the Alcantara upholstery ?

I know its manmade, but as its a premium brand (like Teflon etc..) are there any official instructions on stain removal and care etc...

Also, I'm thinking of getting an aftermarket hardtop (from Victoria) and want to know how much of the car is ripped apart to fit the new heater switch into the console ? I know the relay is easy to fit, under the steering wheel.

Car dashboards taken apart seldom behave the same again and I'm worried the rattle will drive me mad(der)!!

As an aside if anyones got the new Kenwood stereo they now install, you can buy a remote control for it (20). I know its only a toy, but a useful gadget for surfing MP3 CD's whilst on the move...

S Reinson

Alcantara has a website, do a google search to find it, may give the info you want. I believe it is actually machine washable!
The hard top switch is easy to fit, just pushes in, so next to no 'ripping appart is required. Make sure you get the correct relay though, later TF's have a different relay to the MK2 F and early TF's.
You may have missed the boat regarding the hard top though. In October the MGF Centre had a waiting list of 30+ already. I have been reliably informed that MG are sending all their HT's to dealers, so parts suppliers like MGF Centre and MS are unable to get hold of any for the near future.
The only other option is to get one form your dealer (1200) or hope you can find a second hand hand one for sale, but at this time of year they are very scarce as well.
Steve White

David Dewick

>Alcantara has a website, do a google search to find it, may give the info you want. I believe it is actually machine washable!

Even so, have you ever tried fitting a TF seat in a washing machine? <g>

Okay.... I'm getting me coat....
Paul Lathwell

Shaun re hard top & heated rear window - you wont need to rip much of the car apart to fit the hrw switch.

You will need to undo 2 screws to take off the triangular finishing piece on lh side of rh footwell. (the bit of plastic with the footwell light in it)

This will allow you to poke around behind the switch panel and find the blank switch filler into which the HRW wiring plug is stowed on production line.

Push the plug and blanking panel out through the switch panel from behind.

Remove and discard the blanking bit - keeping the plug and wiring through the hole in panel.

Attach the plug onto the back of the proper hrw switch you will have purchased.

Push the switch back snugly into position in the switch panel.

If you have also installed the relay and started the car you will hear the relay operate and the hrw switch will illuminate when you press it - irrespective of the hardtop hrw being connected.


John Thomas

Seem to recall a thread a few months back from someone who had purchased a brand new hardtop for 650, can't remember details, have a look in the archives. Regards.
H.R. Bridge

I cleaned my al;cantaraseats on tf with
a very week solution of carpet cleaner, then used a suction to pull out excess fluid and what was a spilt milkshake that had dried
Steve-s TF Essex Raodsters
s shorey

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