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MG MGF Technical - Alloy control knobs - grub screws

I purchased some shiney new alloy heater control console knobs from
I have got the other knobs off and placed the alloy ones on.
Realised the grub screw bit is located inside of the console bit when the knobs are pushed on so I cannot tighten the knobs on tightly without taking off the fascia and heater centre console.
I know how to take the fascia off as I have done it many times before but how do you take the heater centre console out so I can do this little grub screws up.
Any links?
Its seems a simple job has turned out to be a time consuming one....again....
Thanks in advance Sue

Sue Wilson


were the knobs from actually for the MGF/TF?
The ones I saw on that web page were listed for the "Rover MG ZR,ZS,200,25,400,Streetwise,
Parts per set: 3 fan switches" Although they did show a picture of the mgtf console as well.
Strange they did not list the MGF/TF in the description.


Hi Branko,
Yes they are for my model MGF. They are cut shorter than the MGTF ones so they fit flush to the console. You just got to let them know which model your car is when you order and they send then free international postage (about 6 -10 days) if ordered through their website. They also sell on ebay.
I have bought all my alloy bits through with no problems at all.
I have now figured out how to fit them and it wasn't as time consuming as I thought.
I had a cuppa while just sitting back comfy in the MGF and looking at them then thought... why don't I just turn the grub screw in a bit and see if it grabs the spindle when I place them on.
"Wella"! it did and clicks as its supposed too as it goes round and stops just like the originals.
Too easy! Cheers Sue
Sue Wilson

Hope you've "loctited" the grub screws, Sue.

W A Nixson

I love Loctite...its my best friend!
I actually havn't Loctited as I have seemed to have got them just right.
Plus its always good to see your passenger have a cardiac arrest when they "accidently" pull the knob off when adjusting the settings.
The fear and panic in their eyes with no words to be spoken when they look at me as if they have broke my precious little car.
I love it..cracks me up everytime!
Sue Wilson

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