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MG MGF Technical - Alternator Belt Replacement Part

G'day All,

For those that are interested, I thought I would pass on some info/experience about a alternator replacement belt for the 98 1.8i with aircon.

I had to change mine as it had many little cracks all along the belt and appeared to be dried out. Anyway, it did need replacing.
I got a shock when I was told the purchase price for this part. Remember it is after all, just a standard V grooved alternator belt.

In the industry, the listed replacment is known as a 5PK1200 which means its a 5 grove belt and is 1200mm in length. (5PK1200 ....This is the type of "speak" you use when talking to parts suppliers).

When you go to an auto parts shop, and ask for this belt, it comes up only as a MGF belt and with that I think there must be a special computer program running in the back ground (maybe a cron job) that makes the price instantly double!! Mine was chinged up at $40!
After some research I found that a number of belts will in fact do the job just as well.
The next belt I asked for was a 5PK1205, which is only 5mm longer. Ching! it came up at about $20.

So if you want to do it yourself, and save on parts, then here is a list of alternate alternator belts that should work.

5PK1200 (orig)

The alternator tension system can be adjusted to suit these belts.

Dieter, maybe something to add to your site info?

(Oh and a "Cron Job" is a background task that runs in a Unix computer operating system).


I recently had the my alternator belt changed as it was whistling on starting the engine.

7 for the belt and 10 labour.

(Also had the suspension pumped up for 25)


Branko, well done.

No problem in Europe with prices.

Btw, try at a Toyota dealer the next time.
5PK1200 fits at TOYOTA CAMRY 2.0TD 86-91 (+AC),CARINAII D

MGF without A/C:
5PK736 is the original. (Fits to a Porsche 944 83-85.1 w/o AC) ;-)

5PK725 BX-PEUG.309 16V-405 16V / 10,95
5PK730 ROVER 211 -FREELANDER / 11,00
5PK736 PEUG.605 2.1 TD / 12,55

Added to the alternator site.


7 = $16, thats a good price!
I feel we sometimes pay far too much for parts here.
Thats why I'm always on the case. :-)

Thats good info to know! Thanks.



Hi all.
Thought this may be of some interest to those that are chasing a replacment alternator belt from Bosch.

I was driving home in my mgtf135 and I heard something slapping around in the engine bay. Stopped, had a look underneath and saw that the alternator belt was partly split and a part of it was hitting around the area which was making the slapping noise. Slowly got it home OK and took it off this morning and started to look on the Bosch online website for a replacemnt part.
I know exactly what part I need (5PK1210), but the strange thing is that when I checked on the online Bosch cataloue, it is incorrectly listed. It shows a 5PK735 for a MGTF with Aircon, which is wrong. That is the belt you use for a model without aircon. It also shows other MG models incorrectly.

Anyway I have emailed Bosch for them to sort out and update their catalogue as required.

Check out the section for MG. page 168 (5MB download)



Great job Branko!
I agree when it comes to parts for MGF's in Aust. the salesparts guys instantly light up with a glint flash smile and dollar signs in their eyes.$$$ $$$.
I put off driving the car because of this sometimes.
It certainly pays to do research when it comes to parts.
Thanks for the Hot Tip! Sue
Sue Wilson

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