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MG MGF Technical - Amber warning light

mgtf VVC 2002
Amber warning light on all the time (steady not flashing) , one showing engine symbal. All runs OK and seems to perform normaly. Just completed head gasket change, light first came on after 15 minutes running, now on all time. Handbook says take to "dealers for service" Any way of finding out what problem management system as detected?
jb kaye

Yes. Take it to a garage with a testbook.
Sam Murray

Check that you have not damaged the Lambda (Oxygen) Sensors in the Exhaust.
Geoff F,
Geoff Farthing

Hi jb
I had this problem with my 2000 1.8 F all I had done was oil and filters. I was told after stopping and starting it would reset itself, sure enough after two weeks it went out and only came on on start up so never needed to pay a mechanic, after all isn't that why you did the head gasket? (I am ready to do my HG now so expect engine warning light to come back on again)
Hope it helps Happy Motoring
A.I. Morrison

Thanks for your comments. Manage to cure problem. Self inflicted, forgot to recon wiring back to evaporation tank! On removal I fixed it away so as not to catch inlet manifold when I took head off, obviously hid it too well. Did not look for missed cons to start with because light took about 15/20 mins to come on.
jb kaye

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