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MG MGF Technical - Another clutch question

Hi all,

My 'F' has a clutch problem. The pedal has gone extremely stiff and returns really slowly once you release it. You can drive it (with difficulty) but anything more than light throttle and the clutch will slip too.

It went into the Rover dealer this morning. They have just phoned back and said that there is a problem with the clutch fork. They said it could be very simple just dirt or bushes, but they would have to remove the gearbox to find out the exact problem - and quoted me 7 hours labour at an approximate cost of 363 (groan!)

They have also suggested that the clutch is replaced anyway saying that when the plates get hot due to slipping, they become brittle and therefore may "not be the same again". This is another 130 quid just for the parts.

Now, I'm really not technical so I'd like to ask:

a) Anyone else had this problem and if so what was the problem?
b) Are the comments about the clutch valid? The car has already had a new clutch 20,000 miles ago and has only done 10-20 miles since we spotted the problem. Is my dealer just trying to rip me off?




I'm not sure about clutch's except that mine is broken. and that its expensive.

One thing i think though, is that if you think theres a chance the clutch itself might be damaged, and they are going to be getting to it anyway, then you might aswell pay the extra for them to replace the clutch aswell. Think how sick you'll be if the fix the problem - 7 hours labour, and then the clutch goes. another 7 hours plus the part.

and the garage wouldn't be suggesting ditting the part to make extra cash, cos its the labour they make the money on.

and the time for changing the clutch is 6.6 hours by the way, incase they try charging for that .4 extra

If the clutch itself is broken, then it should have a gurantee from the clutch manufacturer who should replace it free of charge. How many miles has the car done in total (do you know why the clutch went originally? maybe there is a problem with the gear box that is shagging out your clutches prematurely?). The 'brittle' plate due to slipping sounds odd, as clutches are made to slip, but heh, I'm no expert. Good luck with it.
Andrew Hay

Andy interesting point. The car has done 87,000 miles in total - the last clutch went at 67,000 miles which I reckoned was a bit crap given that 90% of the miles I do are motorway/a-road and I'm not in the habit of burning my way off every set of traffic lights I stop at. I didn't worry at the time as it was my company car - but I'm paying this time! I've had the car from new so I know that was the first clutch. Typically the replacement was 15 months ago so its probably out of any guarantee they offer.

I guess the only way I'm going to find out is get the work done. I'm going to try my local mg specialist garage rather than the Rover dealer - I've just discovered that they are fully tooled up to work on 'F's and charge

Totally agree with going local specialist. RE: the make of clutch, I believe alot are made by Borge and Beck, which have a comprehensive guarantee for at least 3 years (I think) against breaking (obviously not wear). I have actually cashed in against this once in an old Talbot Horizon that my brother had as a first car - I was young and I tried puting it in first at 60mph - didn't like it, but garage replaced for free on B&B gurantee!
Andrew Hay


I agree re the specialist rather than the dealer. i have had enough of stupid labour charges. 75/hour at my local dealer - stupid stupid stupid.


Sounds like what went wrong with mine The clutch arm was seizing.
I first noticed it about two weeks ago,When I fully depressed the clutch it didn't immediately return,I had to pump it a couple of times for it to release.
It went into be fixed they also replaced the clutch for
me.Have heard of this happening to a 214.
Cost lots of money I am afraid.
They had the car for 2.5 days.
Now the clutch has been replaced and the arm cleaned and greased it is alot lighter to operate.

Rich - ouch. Your desciption is exactly what mine is doing. Once the pedal is pumped a few times it eases a bit - sounds like the same thing.

The car's booked in for Monday at my local specialist. Even with their lower labour rates looks like I'm looking at the wrong side of 500 then. Thanks for the info (I think....)


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