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MG MGF Technical - Another H.G. failure

11000 mls and the head gasket has well and truly had it. White smoke from left hand exhaust pipe no water in header tank. will negotiate with rover dealer on monday re whos going to pay for repair? i have not got extended warranty and my F is two years old in august this year.
Where can I find the listing of head gasket failure, Imay want the info when i speak to Rover.:(

Too bad, hope you have some joy with "Rover".

sorry on your problems.

Hope you get back on the roa ASAP.

Is it an new MY2000 model ?


Sorry to hear about you HGF, why don't you do like I did and not have a head gasket at all. Sure it smokes and guzzles water/oil/fuel etc, and barely runs - but at least it will never fail me!
BTW with such low mileage you obviously haven't had a coolant change so we can't blame them for that, there must have been another cause of this failure.

Nick ;-)

>there must have been another cause of this failure.

I wonder wether it was the coolant expansion tanks cap or the sealing (if MPI)

Rover are normally willing to "contribute" when the car is less than 3 years old, whether under extended warrenty or not. Stick to your guns and write in and complain even if they verbally refuse any help.
Jon Baker

Dieter, thanks for the sympathy, in answer to your question, its the old model 98 vintage.

Come on Dieter, ask him for the VIN number :-)
Tony Smith

progress update,
local dealership Mann Egerton have let me use a new steptronic as a courtesy car :). my car should be ready late tomorow, cost? i will keep you posted.


Has anyone stopped and thought that the HGF might be caused by the fact the anti freeze become acidic after about 2 years and if not changed and can damage things like head gaskets causing HGF even if the milage is very low.

Just a though

My car returned to me today, excellent result!!
new engine fitted at no charge to me at all :)
Top marks to my local rover dealer. Only downside having to run the new engine in.

>>Only downside having to run the new engine in.

Do you got a complete now engine, or just the HG repaired. Reason of my question: when my HG was repaired (30K kms), I queried the dealership which had repaired the HG whether I had to run in the engine with the new HG. They replied in a very calm way: "No, not at all" ?! Foul advice of my former MG-dealer ? Anyway, I have now 104K kms and all's fine ever since the HG repairs. Maybe the installation in my MGF, shortly after the HG-repairs, of a K&N 57i kit saved me from further harm (extra-cooling in the engine bay due to the huge airduct-pipes).


Hey Paul, I don't think you got a new engine!! They just took your old apart, replaced head gasket and put head back on it. Need for run in is about 250 miles, preferrably 600 miles.
4 days for a new engine would be extremely quick, so sorry to temper your enthousiasm... ;)
Dirk Vael

>Dieter, thanks for the sympathy, in answer to your question, its the old model 98 vintage.

>Posted 23 May 2000 at 19:38:21 UK time
Tony Smith, Utrecht, The Netherlands,

>Come on Dieter, ask him for the VIN number :-)

... so step by step:
Paul, feel free to fill the form @



I can assure you all that a new engine was fitted. i saw the paperwork with a charge of 2000GBP on it.
I was told that the old engine had overheated/melted down and was beyond repair. I have noticed that the suspention height is back to std spec (cherry picker)which would indicate that the engine/ suframe assy had been removed from the car.

Just thought I'd drop you a line, yet another HGF, repaired in a day thanks to dixon rover with no cost to me. The car has now been renamed 'Puff the magic F'due to steam coming out every orifice except the exhaust, temp never rose above normal and header tank still had some water in, water system was airlocked. This is an N reg mgf bought second hand only owned by me for two months.

I have read all the above with interest. My 1996 P MGF, with 32,000 on the clock is also beyond engine repair and has been in the garage for three weeks. Head Gasket, warped cylinder head and much much more, so I need a new engine. Needless to say Rover aren't interested, any tips ???????

Hi Kathryn
sorry to hear your bad news :-(
as i have already reported my repair was carried out with no arguments at all, credit to my local dealership. your car is older although the mileage is still low for the year. i dont know the circumstances of your engine failure but provided the the car was maintained correctly and there was no obvious cause of overheating, i would delve into the bbs archive and dig up as much black information as you can about premature gasket failure and build an argument on the basis of a basic design flaw and try to get at least some help with expense. best of luck and keep us posted.

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