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MG MGF Technical - Another HGF

My car is at B&G having a new head gasket fitted, apparently 60K miles is quite good. Also with the new gasket and steel dowels future failure is unlikely.

They have quoted approximately £650, is that reasonable? How much would a dealer have charged, I know that their labour rates are higher.

Are the K series more prone to failure, I heard a story that this is a common fault on Golf’s as well. I also have a Rover 216, which I am considering changing to a 1.8 Freelander, am I likely to have future problems with either of these?
T Graveling

Sorry to hear about this :o( 650 quid sounds like a lot, but it depends on what other work is needed to complete the repair. The basic price for HG replacement at Techspeed, for example, is 380 quid. But that is a basic price, and doesn't include any nasties that may be found along the way :o(

Other K-series are vulnerable, but less so than on the MGF and Lotus Elise, because the installation of the engine (at the front) is as the manufacturer originally intended. Therefore these cars have a much smaller overall coolant volume compared to the mid-engined sports cars (no excessively long coolant pipes to a front mounted radiator, for example).

Also, the current Freelanders are being equipped with the latest spec thermostat, designed to reduce the thermal cycling implicit in the cooling system's design. These are now being fitted to mgtfs currently coming off the production line. Or so a little bird tells me. ;o)
Rob Bell

>How much would a dealer have charged, I know that their labour rates are higher.

This is about what a dealer would have charged, and is around what I was charged for the same work by B&G. As I understand it you are paying about the same for B&G to do work as you would be at a dealer, but the diffrence is B&G are interested in MGs and care more about their reputation.
Will Munns

It was what I have heard people are paying at dealers but B&G hourly rate is about & £45 and MG Rover is £70 so why are the prices so similar?
T Graveling

B&G will spend more time to do the job properly, check head for flatness, clean everything up, etc. Also they may well replace other parts at same time - unless you've literally just had a service you are due a cambelt change plus plugs, leads, and other routine service items. Our 96 F went to B&G almost 2 years ago now for a HGF plus a service. Bill was nearer 850 but it has not missed a beat since and all I've needed to do is oil and filter changes plus top arm pivots greased.

This thread was discussed on 16/04/2003

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