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MG MGF Technical - Another HGF

midgetto bore you all with another HGF saga but (from those who know about these things)I would appreciate some clarification about "the upgrade kit".The car blew up in France end Sept on way back to UK.Car transported back to relatively local(for the sticks)ex-MG garage.I know these guys and they are very good.It turns out the water pump impeller had sheared off,no pumping of coolant,HGF.What a smell.But interestingly no overheating indication on the gauge and still coolant in the expansion bottle-dramatic steam effect though with lots of green stuff running out from under the car.I thought I'd run over Mr Spock(you know,Vulcan green blood ok forget that).Got VVC back(only done 38k)

Hi , the only "angled" in the new dowels is probably the slight chamfered (sp?) /coned ends. The steel ones replaces the older plastic type . The angles at the ends of the dowels are ment to make it easier to seat and mate them to the block and head.
BR / Carl.

Exactly as Carl says - the new dowels are steel rather than plastic. They're not angled (at least, not as I understand your use of the term).

Regarding the radiator fan count - all MGFs fitted with a/c have two radiator fans :o)

When can you next expect an HGF? Hopefully never, assuming that the garage you've used has done the job properly (and it sounds as though you trust them, so this shouldn't be an issue).

For peace of mind, you can do as many here have done - take out an AA waranty :o)
Rob Bell

Thanks guys.Its coming out again next week if the weather is dry.Mose

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