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MG MGF Technical - Another K&N Question

Please excuse my ignorance on this area but I have a question regarding the K&N Filter mod that you all appear to support whole heartily.

The mod installs two ducts that reach under the car to obtain cooler (denser) air with the added bonus of benefiting from the 'ram effect' (see - I have been reading). What I want to know is what stops the engine from taking a gulp of water when you hit that inevitable puddle that only the British summer can bring? I recall that Ford performed a recall of my fathers Orion 1.6i because they had the ability to take water into their air filter housing which had no drain holes to allow it to disperse.

Please feel free to point out the obvious as I am keen to install a K&N on my MG but am reluctant whilst I have this nagging concern.

Many thanks


The two ducts are do not fully enclose the K&N filter within the engine bay, and in fact are (supposed) to be set approx. 4" (100mm) from the filter itself. There simply no way of water travelling up the ducting tubes and into the filter/engine even if the tubes were submersed in water below the car. Really the only realistic way you get water up these tubes is if the tubes were submersed (sp?) to the height of the tubes within the engine bay. Obviously for this to happen you are already in serious trouble anyway because your F is already under water. :)

Ignore this as being an issue and get a K&N - it's worth it for the sound alone. TBQH, I would say insurance is far more an issue (with regards to performance air filters), as you'll find many companies will not even give you a quote - check with your own insurers before you buy. HTH. ;-)

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Paul Lathwell


the 57i pipes merely collect air and diffuse over the cone filter, any water scooped up will simply settle on the filter and some of it will just get discharged around the engine bay. In any case, no harm will be done except a slight loss on power until it has passed through the engine. Have you ever noticed water gushing out of that car in fronts' exhaust pipe. That is caused by water within the fuel, as most filling stations suffer from condensation within their tanks.
My personal choice when driving in wet conditions is to watch out for obvious obstacles such as ponds and lakes in the road, slow down !! or go around.


Er...., water and fuel don't mix. Condensation in petrol tanks is very rare, and water in the engine is not good (even in small amounts). Water vapour, maybe.

Liquid 'dripping' from an exhaust pipe is water (or a horrible mix of water and unburnt fuel) but it is because water is one of the products of combustion (H+ H+0 = water) and it is condensing in the exhaust pipe. Hence clouds of condensation when you start the engine and before the exhaust pipes are warm - the water is cooling below the condensation point as it mixes with the cold(er) air and causing a cloud. Like your kettle (except you should get your kettle serviced if it's causing combustion).

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several solutions exist already according to isolate 'any' airfilter from getting wet and to isolate it from hot air of the engine bay.

Carl (Sweden) sent some photos last week, but he's now absent until friday. I hope to get a little webside ready with his instructions ready for weekend. So, wait a little for his explanations on his selfmade filterbox with cold airpipe.


Cheers for the advise guys, it's set my mind at rest. As advised I've just spoken to my insurance company and they want an extra 60 pa as the car would be classified as modified.

Is it worth it?

I Have had the Filter over 12 months, and the twin pipes I found were "crap", after a few weeks the bottoms had taken a pasting from road ramps and the like, and were oval. Also I found that on hot days they failed to deliver enough cold air into the bay.
The solution was to replace them with a single pipe kit, which was available from the now defunct Stephen Palmer Motorsports dealer in Nottingham, the same who did SP exhausts for the F. A bracket attaches the pipe inlet into the nearside engine bay intake, you then feed the pipe up into the bay, close to the filter. I know appear to get better air inlet from the ram air effect.
No idea where this pipe can be obtained now.
Peter Evans

water is no problem, there are plenty of streams across the road round ere, also, the K&N (in diff sizes) is used on motorbikes and Jetskis.

according to alterations on Filter Types (K&N)

We discussed some weeks ago a new (for us) filter type, the K&N X-Stream.
That one has compared with the other ones an additional filterplane on the top. That means, the cap is not Rubber or aluminumb, but too made of cotton filter marterial.

A german chap purchased one last week and is impressed:

Type RX-5022
Hose dia. 69mm
D1 118 mm
D2 152 mm
H 95 mm

The price at any german race part dealer was DM 133 (45 GBP)
Aa good price IMO, because the german OE supplier, Racimex, wanted DM 160.

My airfilter collection:


<g>I've just flamed Carls 'alarm problem causes' in the other thread, so, I've to compensate that a little :)

Here it is Carls Filter box ! As ever, a hot knitted kind of webside.
NNBHU = not nice but hopefully useful

A good idea IMO to keep the hot air off from the performance airfilter.
Carl promised to enhance it later by some pictures from below the car.

Have a nice discussion.

BTW. some other mods are pictured on the mods-webside (short gear lever & heated mirror switch) also a picture of his evacuation pump for fitting the lowering knuckles)
(row 18&19)
(click on Link to home made evacuation pump)


Hi Dieter- a couple of the images aren't comming up on the page, but fortunately still function as links.

Carl- very nice box design.

What is the box fabricated from? Perspex? Also, how is it attached in the engine bay?

Yet again, nice work Carl. :o)

Rob Bell

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