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MG MGF Technical - Another one for Dirk!

Well I guess it will get us all in the end?

1996 VVC, K&N filter, 37k miles

I slowed down at a roundabout this morning and the main view out of the mirrors was of steam coming out of every orifice. The expansion tank was empty and water was still dripping from somewhere else on the offside. There was no warning at all and no water has been used for ages.

I was towed to Faraday's in Newbury and it didn't take long for them to diagnose the worst.

Is 480 about the going rate for a new gasket etc?
Peter Ambrose

How long ago was your 36k service?

Did they drain/change the coolant?

Who did it and did they bleed it correctly (rhetorical questions...)?

NNW49 (hasn't had coolant change yet, AFAIK)

Sorry about your problem :(

IMO 480 is far to much. Heard of rates of app. 300 GBP but it depends on what else than the Gasket really needs to be changed.


Sorry to hear your problem Peter, but has anybody tried any other head gasgates, I noticed a few advertised in Mags and I belive Mike Satur has somthing, I've read that the MG head gasgate has weaknesses so are the others any better, I for one would be intrested to hear, it hasent happened to me yet but after reading the threads for a while I'm now left waiting!

Michael Miller

The last service was by the dealer in April after 48 months and 34k miles. I am not sure, but I don't think they did drain it that time. I don't think I can blame the service after 3k miles - but I am certainly aware that poor bleeding is probably the biggest risk we run.

The 'standard' rate is for this seems to be 6.5 hours work. Once you multiply up the extortionate garage rates and add parts and tax etc it almost seem cheap!

The trouble with alternative gaskets is that once it has happened you have no time to look around. Perhaps we should all carry our chosen spare gasket - but I suspect MG dealers would refuse to offer any warranty if they fitted it.

I am just about calming down now and am reconciled to driving a Vectra hire car for the next 2 days.

Peter Ambrose

This thread was discussed on 21/09/2000

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