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MG MGF Technical - anti roll bar

my anti roll bar his hanging off the brackets have snapped what are they called and where can i get them can anyone help
g hurst

Do you mean the drop links have broken from the wishbone to the bar? Or have the brackets fixing the bar to the subframe broken? Front or rear anti roll bar?

We are talking about an MGF aren't we?

Both Dieter and Robb Bell cover ARB's on their websites. This link is for Dieter's because he shows how to replace the old rubber bushes at the same time.



yes its the drop links on the wishbone to the anti roll bar. (front) and a worn track rod end ball joint . do you know where i can get them from i live near haydock park racecourse.(lancashire) thanks
g hurst

its a 1996 mgf 1.8i i got the parts list of dieters site.thats a great site for info. thanks to all the people who helped me gordon.
g hurst

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