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MG MGF Technical - Any advice on fitting K&N?

I have a K&N 57i on its way to me second hand. Unfortunately, there are no instructions with it. Can anyone offer hints/tips/guidance for DIY fitting?

Andy, if you follow links for MGF owners home pages and go to Rob Bell's home page there is an excellent set of instructions on fitting the filter. I did this weekend following these instructions. The instructions with the filter are a lot less detailed.

have fun, and you just wait for the first time you plant you right foot - its amazing.

Thanks for a rapid response and a good tip.

Just two things. First, do not overtighten the clip at the throttle body. As the throttle body is plastic over tightening it could distort it and cause a sticking throttle. Second, allow at least 15 cm from the end of the pipes to the filter for maximum effect.
Spyros Papageorghiou

Spyros first instruction is vital IMO !!

A enhenced copy of the instructions are also at

A third hint: See for Tom Randells cold air pipe assembly bracket. Keeps the pipes in a protected position under the car. Guess he sells them still.


Dieter Koennecke

Thanks again for the citation Matt- the instructions were written because the original instructions were so poor! These have been improved markedly since, so I am glad people still find them helpful.

For Tom's bracket that Dieter mentions, details can be found at, just follow the link.

Rob Bell

Thanks for the help, keep em coming: Rob, the crosswind link in your message seems not to be working. Deiter, thanks for those links, just what I was looking for.

Andy, a comma got in the way! So sans comma, the correct URL is

Rob Bell


Emailed Tom via the link on your homepage, but thanks anyway. Just to let anyone else know that Tom,s bracket costs 10 inc instructions and P&P. Well worth it, I think.
Andrew Bourne

Cheers for the promoting the bracket everyone.

I still have plenty left but once my current stock is finished I will not be making any more.
As mentioned by Andy 10 get the bracket, fixings, instructions and includes P&P.
Tom Randell

Tom, how is the bracket attached to the car?

And another quicker with regards the not overtightening. this is important, but its also important to make sure its tught enough to stay on. mine wasn't. make sure the jubilee clip is right at the end of the pipe otherwise it will drop off. i think rob says that in his instructions but it had to drop off twice before i remembered.


Get some spare cable ties before you start...long ones and short you can experiment with best placing for the pipes...its also wise to carry some spares at all times just in case you need to do running repairs .....

Tie a piece of wire around the body of the filter and secure to the body in case it does fall off - mine did as I didn't want to overtighten it. Luckily it didn't fall out of the engine compartment. Only noticed cause the throttle was sticking because the K&N pipe was jamming the return spring.

A word of thanks to all who have contributed, and if anyone has any further tips, please post em here.
Andy C19 MGF
Andy Bourne

Two questions...

How would you know if you had over tightened the filter to the throttle body?

Why do you need to rotate the filter so that the K&N logo is straight.


Well you couldn't possibly leave it with the logo crooked.

I wondered the same thing.

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