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MG MGF Technical - Any extra value?

Now that I'm selling my MGF, I wonder if, knowing it has a brand new softtop & a 2nd engine & clutch which have done only 30% of the total mileage on the counter - does this make any difference in the price?

I know some options (like MD/RDS/10xCD, hardtop, foglights) can add easily upto 700 over normal salesprice, rest of options (splitter, K&N, interior tweaks, MS rearlight clusters, suspension, MS brakes...) probably have prob no value whatsoever.

Any tips?

I read a VVC from 97 is worth 484.000 BEF, but I think this is way exaggerated, 430.000 BEF seems more reasonable (1=65BEF). The high mileage is compensated by all the options I guess (plus fact most parts are due to replacements almost new ones... ;)


If you want to sell your MD head unit separately, I'll buy it!

Email me....

N837 OGF

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This thread was discussed on 09/02/2001

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