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MG MGF Technical - Any more ideas

When I let go of my steering wheel (as if to test the tracking), not only does my car drift quite heavily to the left, but my steering wheel also turns to the left. Is this just the tracking that it out, or could it be something more sinister??

If it is just the tracking, does anybody know somewhere around the North West where I could get the tracking done properly? In my last car (Orion), I had it done at Kwik Fit, but it was always out again after a few drives around the block. Don't fancy that with the *F*....


Dave, now, I'm not one bit skilled in this area, but a pull to the sides does to me suggest tracking. Either that or one of the brakes is tighter than the other, causing the pull. One way to test the brakes is to jack the car up and spin the wheels, if one is stiff, that could be the problem.

Disclaimer, that is a very non-technical method and results cannot be guarenteed ;o)

HTH (although I guess it didn't).


Steve Childs

Brakes probably not an issue IMO. if one side is binding at all that hub will get very warm even after a short run. An easy test would be to feel the hubs after a run and see if there is a difference.
Stuart Elliot

This thread was discussed on 07/03/2001

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