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MG MGF Technical - Any New Zealand MGF Owners out there? If so, please leave your name here.

Hi, I am a proud owner of 1997 MGF VVC in New Zealand. There are not much going on in quiet New Zealand, and I want to exchange information on MGFs. Since, we do not have many places like Mike Satur in here, so yeah go and put your name here so we can talk about our cars. :)

By the way, any MG events and gatherings in NZ? I am a student (and luck enough to have MGF) so I won't have unlimited amount of time, but I am up for that!


(P.S. I put this message up, because I have seen couple of NZers' out there)

Hanah Kim

Congrats on the new MGF and welcome. Yup, there are some kiwi's lurking around this BBS somewhere... I think I saw them hanging out over towards that flock of sheep...

Quick non-MGF related, NZ-related question. I'm trying to organize a heli-snowboarding trip this summer (your winter) with buddies from Japan and California. What is the best time to head down there to ensure there's decent snow conditions? Late July? Aug?


Michael Pak


I am fellow kiwi F owner and I've also got a 97 VVC F. There's events happen all the time, you should join the MG car club (NZ). We've got all sort on this weekend (being a long one!) from a concurs to racing at Puke on monday. Send me an email if you'd like to know more.

Where in NZ are you from?

Drop us an email some time.

P.S. Check out and


Hi Hanah,
Sue and I have had our '97 BRG 1.8i for a few months now. Have not yet joined the MG Car Club, but have the application form ready to fill in. Based in Auckland. Lot of fun, and no real problems yet.

Michael, go to for the latest ski information for NZ ski fields. Coronet Peak and Mt Hutt are scheduled to open this weekend (3rd June), and are due to have more snow in the next few days. August/September should be best (the snow gods permitting :-) ). Others will follow in the next few weeks.

Neil Courtney

Wow, this is really cool that all of kiwis are here. Thanks for the information Daniel and Neil. I left you an email (to Daniel)

I am in Auckland as well (Northshore), and I hope to join MG club as well. How do I get the application form? (and price / annum?)

And to Mike,

As Neil told you, August / September is the best time.. and make sure you go to South Island!!!
Hanah Kim

Hi all,

We have a 96 1.8i, also BRG. I wanted to wait for a VVC but after learning that they need more frequent servicing (esp cambelts) I'm kinda glad I didn't.

There's quite a few F's out here now. In fact I was driving side-by-side with another almost identical F along Tamaki Drive a few weeks ago. Had to resist putting my foot down!

Hey Neil, did you work for Challenge/Centron many moons ago?
Alister Louis

Yes, that was me Alister. Centron was taken over by a crowd called Vogel from Wellington, and finally closed down about 4 years ago.

Cheers, Neil
Neil Courtney

Not in NZ but just over the Tasman and up the coast a bit.
I have a beaut 75th LE silver.
Did any 75ths make it to NZ?.
Bet its cold down there now.

I have a 1996 MGF 1.8VVC in BRG. Live in the Hutt Valley.

Since buying it fitted a few accesories, Lowered suspension, K&N Filter Kit, Windstop, Mudflaps, Car Mats.

Stil enjoying the car, looking to join the MG Club here in Wellington.


John, I don't think there are any 75th Le silver.. in NZ. Aren't you the one who is having a bit of 'trouble' with the door fit? and some spray of paint that you think it's been involved in an accident?
I might be wrong.. who knows?
But yeah it would be cool to have some special models.
NZ is not that cold right now, but it's pissing down with rain. :)

To philip.

I also have K&N fitted, how did you lower the suspension? Is it easy to install the lowering kit from Mike Satur? or did u just lower the original suspension by releasing gas? I want to invest some money on Don's Windstop, but I am not so sure about drilling holes in my MG.

Enjoy it!
Hanah Kim

hi kiwis again,

Which dealer do you use to fix / repair your MGF? I go to Glenfield Roverland, but there is this place called 'Lifestyle Motorsports' at Parnell, who (manager) rang me this morning and told me that 'they are the best in NZ' for MGs.

I think I might take my MGF to there for next check-up and minor adjustments. If you guys haven't heard of it, check

Thanks. Any other places you know ? plz let us know.
Hanah Kim


IMO I wouldn't touch Roverland with a barge poll, When I got my first F I took it there and man I got nothing but grief!!! Stuffed my car up, never did what I asked them to do, and charged me twice for the same work!! I'd stay away if I was you!!

I started using Rovercity (In parnell)and I have to say they have been great!! (And they said I wasn't the first person to stop using Roverland and go to them because of bad service and poor work.) Would recommend them for sure!!

As for Motorsport life style, I just brough my new (not NEW new but second hand, new to F from them. They did a great deal for me and gave me (IMO) a great trade in price on my old F. As for the service dept. not to sure as yet, the jury still out so to speak. There's been a prob with my alarm and I begining to feel like I am getting the run around, more from the sale dept. i guess.

The car is meant to be going back in soon so I'll let you know how I get on.

FYI they (Motorsport LS) are now the AKL suppliers of MG's but they are also a sub company to Rovercity......

Well that's my two cent worth. Hope it helps

Oh! Sorry Daniel, i missed your last post!
Ok, i will ring Rovercity up. And see what they can do for me ok? Thanks!!
Hanah Kim

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