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MG MGF Technical - Any one Ice'd a TF/F


Has any one fitted an amp and subs to the TF of F and where did you locate them ?

Having problems finding some where sensible to fit the amp to .

Stephen Pursglove


If you become a BBS member - costs nowt - then you search the aechives as this subject has problay been done more than HGFs.

BTW I am a member just using a temporary location.

Ted Newman


Ted's right, there are loads of threads in the archives about this and just as many different solutions.

One thing i will say though is whatever you do don't just screw into the panel behind the seats, it's a cover plate for the petrol tank! Pic here:

>> <<

If you want to mount an amp/autochanger/sub box here you need to be a bit creative with your fixing methods. :-)

Scarlet Fever

Commonest place to locate the amp is either under or behind the seats. Behind is better than under a seat because of the better air circulation and therefore cooling of the amp - but SF is absolutely spot on with his warning about NOT screwing the amp directly to the bulkhead - as you'll see from his pix, the fuel tank is immediately behind it. There have been scores of occasions where fitters have done this and the fuel tank has had to be replaced... ;o)

Some pix of some ICE solutions can be found at
Rob Bell

I've got two amps and a graphic mounted behind the seats. I used velcro to hold them. One's been there for about 6 months and hasn't moved an inch.
Also fitted an 8" sub in the glove box, but you have to use plenty of sound dead material.
Richard Petrocochino

Any pix Rich? The glove box idea sounds excellent (no pun intended! ;o)) I can't do this myself, as this is where I have my autochanger. Have to removed the glove box lid, or does the sub vent down into the foot well?
Rob Bell

I used the original glove box (after I bought a replacement from Victoria), but clad the whole thing with MDF. Cut the door off and filled the opening with MDF. Sealed all the leaks with hot glue/silicone. The speaker mounts facing down at the floor pan. When it was finished it looked c**p! Fitted it back in, then velcroed the original door back in place and you can't see a thing. The bass is pretty good, so overall I'm very happy :)

No pix I'm afraid. Next time I take it out, I will take some and forward them onto you.
Richard Petrocochino

Cheers Rich - that'd be great :o) I'd imagined that that would have been the way you'd done it. Where have you put sound deadening material? Have you had to put it on the inside of the main passenger side dash moulding?
Rob Bell

If you fancy a trip to Northampton then I can show you my install or we can meet up somewhere? I have 2 amps,both in the boot. 1st one driving the front speakers and the second one driving the sub in the front(8inch ported box). The amps concerned are profile 2's which have a cooling fan on the top of them and I have had no problems with them being in the boot.Also a bit more discreet in the boot.

duncan dorrell

I had to deaden both doors, partly because of the speakers there, but mainly because of the sub. I did put some under the dash, but the majority was on the glove box. the dash could do with some more, so next time I'm under there it will get a few dabs,

Richard Petrocochino

My amp is placed behind the passenger seat, and my local ICE shop made a sub housing that replaces the cubby between the seats.

It works quite well too.
Mark Sillett

This thread was discussed on 28/11/2003

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