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MG MGF Technical - Any suggested mods??

The dreaded headgasket has gone again after replacing it 30k miles ago with a MS heavy duty gasket!

I've got a bit more longer to do it this time so i'm thinking of getting the head ported, is this worth doing on an MPi?
Can anyone suggest anywhere i can get this done local to the midlands?

Also has anyone got any ideas on what other mods i can do to make it drive more like a sports car as apposed to a ford fiesta??

Cheers in advance for any ideas

Wayne D

Have a look here his work is very well thought of. Also there is Sabre heads but I don't have a URL.
Steve Ratledge

Cheers Steve i will contact them on monday, think i will fit a new exhaust and do the Rover 820 airbox mod as well while i'm at it, is it worth shelling out for a 52mm throttle body?

Wayne D

A 52mm tb won't benefit you until the head is breathing so well the 48mm tb starts restricting flow. A ported head obviously flows more air, but until the MPi head is producing more than VVC power (about a 20% increase) your only advantage is in it being alloy and not plastic - less likely to stick or jam. It will certainly feel sportier, because the 52mm diameter flows significantly more air for any given pedal position.

If you port the head, to fully enjoy the gains from a sports exhaust you should consider the 4-2-1 manifold too, archived now I think but check Rob Bell's posts on the subject. And, as Steve suggests, look at Dave Andrews site for the K-Series bible, extremely informative.

MGRs demise has rather taken the sting out of the Hall Of Shame, but I suppose you'd better submit your new HGF entry 8-(
Mike Hankin

Wayne, at the moment I think I am finding myself in a similar predicament: I need to have the head off for investigation - and while doing that, I might as well consider tuning options.

Having a head gasket failure obviously forces your hand somewhat, but it is worth spending some time thinking about what your objectives for the car is.

For me, I have plans for about 220-240bhp with the aid of a supercharger and a ported VVC (or VHPD) head. However, for this kind of power, you need a rebuilt bottom end - something I had in mind, but I probably don't have the funds for right now.

But I do have a 'spare' TF135 head complete with cams etc.

My thinking is for a quick and dirty DVA port on that, and reassemble the engine with that. Should be a pretty cheap option. The other option is to just fit the head without any work - but what a wasted opportunity! ;o)

In view of my longer term plans, there isn't much point going for anything more elaborate than a basic clean up.

However, your plans maybe more modest. Research your objective, and get a head sorted that suits that - otherwise you'll end up spending more money taking the engine apart to upgrade further at a later date...

I would DEFINITELTY recommend a decent 4-2-1 manifold. I've got a Powerspeed stainless manifold (cost me 450 beer tokens) and is absolutely stunning - more power everywhere, from idle through to peak revs, and perhaps most noticable in the midrange. Highly recommended.

A 52mm throttle body is worth while if cheap: they don't release a good deal of power, but do make the throttle more responsive - a characteristic many would consider worthwhile :o)

A 820 airbox mod is definitely very worth while - you'll be surprised how the car is transformed from low rpm to mid range :o)
Rob Bell

Hi Rob

I'm going to look into getting the head ported but i had not considered the 4-2-1 manifold, i didnt realise it would make that much difference!

I quite fancy a miltek exhaust (like the noise) and i've got a mate sourcing an airbox, the heads coming off on Friday so full steam ahead, I dont think i can drive the wifes ford KA for much longer 8-)


Wayne D

hi, dont go for the big bore,ive fitted a folkon 4 branch man,and ss system 1 bullet box 1silencer standard bore fom moss ,costs around sounds beefy but not to noisy.ive just had a fast road head, 285 piper cam, aldon dizzy ,all fitted to a standard engine dont forget the K&N air filter. my car is about 100 at the wheels, i would go for peter burguess thanks daren

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