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MG MGF Technical - AP Performance Clutch - Comments ?

I'm having one fitted at the 60K service any thoughts ?


Chat with Steve C- he has one. Apparently not that much more expensive than a standard jobbie. It's a little sharper on the uptake too.

One thing I regret not thinking of in time for the 60k service/ clutch change and that blighter Steve did was a lightened flywheel.

Over to you then Steve!
Rob Bell

Thanks Rob :)

The AP clutch sure is a lot sharper than the standard clutch, it bites right at the bottom of the pedal, as opposed to at the top. Its about the same price as the Rover part too (mine was 138).

Overall, I like it, does make getting a good get away (from the lights or whatever) a little bit more tricky, but the upside is that you hone your clutch / accellerator balancing skills and if you get it right you fly away. Or in my case kangeroo past away from an escort as I raised it too quickly, dipped it to stop it from stalling and then got it all wrong, kinda embarrasing really.

And I've only stalled it twice ;)

HTH in some way ;)

Steve Childs

Forgot to say, really is a good idea to get PTP flywheel fitted at the same time - also, you might want to get your gear change cables replaced at the same time, due to it being a lot easier when the engine is dropped out.

That's the problem with the 60K service, its the best time to get all these sorts of things done and it soon racks up the cost :(

(PTP flywheel is 225+vat). Makes a fair difference to the car as well, feels much more free reving. Although it won't shave much off the 0-60 time, although I have yet to do one.

Steve Childs

Another thing to point out about the AP clutch, yes sharper uptake etc as mentioned above, but not really any heavier to use, which is good, i was worried it would be, but it ain't

Thx guyz,

Demon Tweeks have them for 145 VAT inc. Mine was beginning to give the judder ...


Don't think I can justify the flywheel. Need to save up for the Techspeed trip ...

New subframe mounts
Cup Car Spec Hydragas Units
Master brake cylinder support bracket
Hydragas valves


This thread was discussed on 28/08/2001

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