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MG MGF Technical - Are all MGR Dealers this bad?

Let me set the scene: Just over three weeks ago I placed an order for a new TF160 in X Power grey, Cream interior with Oxford leather, hard top, wood cappings and wood steering wheel and front fogs.Delivery 24th/25th Sept.
Part exchange agreed and a deal was done. The p/x I must say was a specialist car, albeit a virtually new one, but the dealer, Dunham & Haines Rover of Luton (remember that name, this gets really good!) agreed to get an underwrite and get back to me with a price. A week later they did and after negotitations an order was placed, spec confirmed, order signed by the sales manager and a deposit paid.
Great, I cant wait to show it off at Epsom on the 28th.
Last week, the salesman wanted my part exchange because the dealer who had underwritten it wanted it. No problem, so in good faith they picked it up, signed the V5 transferring ownership and this was sent off to DVLA. I then arranged to purchase insurance on my new car which Dunham gave me a reg no. to commence on the 24th Sept. (the agreed delivery date)
Friday at 5.15pm of this week, 5 days before delivery the sales manager at Dunham rings me up and claims that the underwriting dealer will only give them
C Grundy

Sorry this should have been in the general section....doh!!
C Grundy

I'm no law specialist, but i would have thought any half decent solicitor's letter, even at this stage, would not only get what was already agreed, but some compensation on top. If all the facts and figures are available in Black and white, I can't see that they have an axle stand to stand on.
I hope it all works out for you. I'd like to think this was an unbielevable situation, but unfortunately, there don't seem to be any of those these days.


Kieren Gibson

Call me an old cynic, Colin,but the real fun will start when you take delivery! Get your supply of valium in now, and some Grecian 2000 for the grey bits that will start to appear. Regards.
H.R. Bridge

Dunham and Haines brings back a few memories, the last car I bought from them lost all it's coolant on it's first outing, needed a new sterring rack within a fortnight and finally they decided to pump each tyre to a different pressure, ranging from 24psi to 48psi!

But on the plus side they did give me far more than anybody else would on my part exchange and I got a good price on a TF160.

I just wont use them to service the car.



I agree with Kieren, the deal has been done, signed (no doubt stating what p/ex value you were getting) and a deposit paid.

Unless they have some getout clause in the small print - I think they are chancing their arm. Don't agree to give you the car at the price agreed, I think they have to give you your old car back (!) or they give you the new one otherwise its theft!

Consult a solicitor asap.

Ewan Ramage

> Don't agree to give you....

Should read: If they don't agree to give you ...
Ewan Ramage

Thanks for your comments.
I have absolutely no intention of accepting my part exchange back.By accepting it back I feel that I would be accepting liability when a) its not legally mine after signing ownership over to Dunham & Haines and b)The car is no longer insured.
I have sent a strongly worded letter to the Operations Director of CD Bramall PLC of which Dunham are a part. Iv'e contacted the C.A.B who can't believe what a so called 'reputable' garage is playing at and I have a solicitors appointment booked for this week.
The sad fact is though that I didn't think buying a new car would bring so much hassle.
C Grundy


Sounds like someone within the dealership has "done a deal" off his own bat - which has gone bad on him, and is trying to wriggle out of it.

Stick to your guns!

PS - My dealer, Reg Vardy Rover in Aberdeen have been superb. I imported the car from Belgium. They fitted a K&N filter + cat saver nuts free of charge during its first service, and have just carried out an HGF repair within 2 days.

Sam Murray

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