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MG MGF Technical - Ashtray

Not very technical I grant you, but how do I remove the ashtray(lid/outer etc.)? Can't find it anywhere in the workshop manual.

C Stevens

Remove the inner tray first.
There are 2 clips that are located at the front of the ashtray box which you can see when the lid is open. Very carefully prise (towards the rear) the 2 fragile plastic clips and slightly lift the ashtray box. When the clips are clear of the centre console edge, then lift up the ashtray box but when doing that close the lid 1/2 way so that the box can be withdawn upwards.

This way the fragile plastic clips will remain intact.


Thanks for that!

C Stevens

Must be different between models. My MY2000, the inner,less lid is held by a spring plate on the LH side and simmply pulls up and out leaving two screws below which retain the outer and hinged lid.
Geoff F.
G. Farthing

The ashtray is exactly the same one my 2002 mgtf 135 as on the MGF 1997 model.

The chrome spring plate is there to provide friction to the lid when closed and when closing and opening.

Geoff, are your 2 plastic clips intact? If not, then the ashtray will just easily pop up. The clips stop that from happening.



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