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MG MGF Technical - Asthmatic MGF

I don't know if this is normal or not (not having driven huge numbers of Fs other than mine), but my '99 VVC make a strange whistly-chirruppy noise from the engine between 1800 and 2000 revs. It doesn't seem to be belt-related - I'd expect that to get faster and higher-pitched as the revs rise - it sounds more air-related, asthmatic even. At 2000 revs it just stops.

Having read more threads than I care to remember about HGFs, I'm completely paranoid - is this normal, or should I be expecting an imminent explosion??

Strange you should come up with this. My VVC also makes a strange whistling, almost like brake squeal, at 4400 RPM when under load at 3/4 throttle. I assume its something to do with aspiration and on Monday its going to be investigated during a service. I will let you know. The noise is really only loud enough to be heard with the windows open or the hood down.
Bruce Caldwell

This sort of sound is usually indicative of a small air leak, of the type you get when the small bore hose from the inlet manifold to the pressure regulator splits.

Roger Parker

My car has been serviced and no reason could be found for my noise at 4400rpm. All hoses were checked etc. Just had the coolant changed for the 48000 mile service so I am watching the temp gauge with more than a little interest! I can't see your noise being connected with an HGF. I have noticed a noise similar to your description when I cruise along at low speed say 25mph in a gear which gives about 2000rpm but I have had that for a couple of years so no probs. Sorry can't be more help.
Bruce Caldwell


Thanks - I heard an F with a K&N close-to for the first time the other day, and it's a similar kind of noise but about 3 octaves higher. I've come to the conclusion my F's been fitted with a camp K&N.

I'm going to lift the lid at the weekend to check :)

Rgds, Tim

This thread was discussed between 07/06/2001 and 12/06/2001

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