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MG MGF Technical - aussie chick needs help with baby seat

Baby does not force sale of our mgf as long as we are able to put a capsule/baby seat in the front.
Anybody know if its legal and if so are there attachments or bolt things to fix it to?

In the UK, so milage may vary, you are allowed to put baby seats in the front UNLESS you have a passenger air bag.

I called the helpline about childseats (my "littleun" was 7 by the time I bought the F) and their comment was that it was something they hadn't considered, but as long as the seat is right back it shouldn't be a problem.

There aren't any specific child-seat mounts, but anything that secures with the adult seatbelt should fit correctly. Note that the seat is fairly narrow, so some child seats may not fit well (one of our booster cushions did, the other didn't).

Talk to your dealer for more Aus-specific info - I'm sure you're not the first person to have asked the question in the continent!


There is no specific exclusion of fitting a baby seat when there is an SRS on the passenger side (Air bag and belt pre tensioners.) HOWEVER there is a total ban on any seat which is rear facing. In addition any fitting has to be done with the seat in the fully rearward position to keep any seat occupant as far as possible away from the explosive area of the airbag. Ceratinly closer than about 10 inches and you run the risk of killing the occupant.

This is a real problem for some women who have to drive with their chests only a few inches away from the steering wheel. Not a sexist comment but one that has real life and death connotations due to the explosive forces involved with an airbag deployment. I can recall one reported incident where an older lady received fatal injuries which were attributed to airbag deployment when she was very close to the wheel.

I have tested the operation of airbags following serious accidents when the bag failed to deploy, just to confirm that the system was intact and working. It often comes as a surprise who serious impacts can be without being high enough to trigger the system.

For anyone who is contemplating fitting/using a baby or child seat/booster the dealer has to be the first port of call as they should be in possession of the latest manufacturer guidance.

Roger Parker


sorry girl, you do not qualify as a "chick" now you have a baby!!
sexist but true

Thanks for the info so far, but in OZ any baby seat has to be physically attached to the chassis or frame not like in the UK where a seat belt holds them in. Does the MGF have a fixing on the chassis/body?


The MGF does not have a baby capsule mounting point built into the subframe so therefore it's illegal in Australia (all states) Plus all MGF's since 97 have dual airbags so even if there was a mounting point you would not be able to fit a baby capsule without disabling the passenger air bag (costly I believe). Child seats are another story, in some states it also illegal to have child seats in the front of the car (it doesn't help if there is only a front set of seats)


Matthew Minion

Matt - interesting - how come my June 2000 VVC doesn't have a passenger air bag then? have I been conned or duped?
Tammy - simplest might be to buy a really nice MGB GT? or, dare I suggest, an MGA Coupe? OR just send the brat back to whence it came from?

P'raps he just means F's for the Oz market. My 2001 VVC doesn't have a passenger airbag, which is just as well as my baby boy just loves the car.
David Bainbridge


I did mean OZ
Matthew Minion

'STARTING' babies in MGF may be a problem too - difficult in MGA's and B's and only sweet 16'ish then?

If you care for your Baby get a real car, something that is safe to transport your love one.
Mark Tully

if you can't fit a seat, what about strapping a brat carrier to the bootrack?

"If you care for your Baby get a real car, something that is safe to transport your love one"

Where do I start on THAT one?


Hmmm, just read the rest of this thread, and after reading Mathew's earlier post, a question entered my head (sad I know...

>>in some states it also illegal to have child seats in the front of the car (it doesn't help if there is only a front set of seats)

Does the MGF Actually HAVE front seats ? I'm not trying to be pedantic here, it just occurred to me that nearly everyone I know refers to 2 seater cars as having 'front' seats - but surely in order to have front seat you also have to have rear seats.....

Sorry I'm obviously very bored at work now, and before anyone else says it, I know I need to get a life...I just wondered if there was a speccial name for non-front non-rear seats...

Kieren - Owner of the Little Red Rocket, no passenger air bag and a beautiful 1 year old daughter who absolutely LOVES going for a ride in the 'F'...
Kieren Gibson


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