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MG MGF Technical - Auxillary lights

Bit disaponted with the headlights (see better headlamp bulbs thread) so thought I'd look at MGR's foglamps - GBP 223! pair and 279 fitted! Don't think so! Are they insane? I fancy fitting some aftermarket small round ones in the grille aperture beside the numberplate (like supersports) but the numberplate will slightly obscure them.

Has anyone thought this option through?

Is the wiring for the fogs already there etc? In other cars I've had it was literally bolt them on and plug them in; the sitch, relay and wiring was all there! MGR haven't put the switch in so is anything else there?

Although I saw some perfect sized unbranded ones at the NEC classic car show last week (GPB 15 pr) does anyone have good recommendations for some small round lights? They'll need to be fogs as I think spot/driving lamps will be UK illegal in that position.

Ian Walker

You can fit oval lights either side of the number plate. I had to trim the numberplate a little to make them fit.
The wiring is not in place.
The MG/Rover kit includes a loom. They don't sell the loom as a seperate item but they do sell the switch for about 6. The only problem is they don't sell the plug to fit the switch!!! You can make connections by using small push on spades available in most car shops. Don't try to solder as the switch contains LED's and obviously is plastic.
You also need a relay as the switch will not carry the current required by the lamps. Relays are available from electronic component shops such as Maplin for 2-3. Maplin also sell the spades and other bits as well.
There is more detail in the archives.
Stuart Elliot

Try speak to Steve. They have a very wide range of electrical bits and bobs and not just for the classic market. They certainly have some F bits, such as HLBL at reasonable costs, so I expect anything else to be on a par.

Roger Parker

>>>>They'll need to be fogs as I think spot/driving lamps will be UK illegal in that position.
And if they are fogs they are hardly going to improve distance vision. Also they too will be illegal if used in anything other than fog, falling snow or rain where visibility is reduced below 200 metres (and that is poor enough visibilty to slow down for !).

>>>>>They'll need to be fogs as I think spot/driving >lamps will be UK illegal in that position.
>And if they are fogs they are hardly going to improve >distance vision. Also they too will be illegal if >used in anything other than fog, falling snow or rain >where visibility is reduced below 200 metres (and >that is poor enough visibilty to slow down for !).

Not to mention that they are bl@@dy annoying when driving towards a car with the front fogs on(like all of the saxo's xr2's well actually every other car round here!). If you are intending on using them all the time, don't be a prat, don't do it.


Chris George

Chris, my thoughts as well but for once I was trying not to be blunt !

David, for once I was trying to be blunt ;-)

Chris George

The reason I want them is I drive a lot on unlit lanes with indistinct edges. The wide spread of fogs is useful to illuminate the verges. Also on the housing estate I live on there are tight twists and turns and speedbumps, the headlights are in-line with the car but not through the bend. The bl!"$y kids effectively play chicken with the cars shoot out from drives etc - no road sense so a short wide beam would pick them out too, ie as per the fog lights I have on my two other cars and also my last three. I also have the wit to turn them off out of courtesy for others if necs.

I want fogs but not MGR ones. So thanks Stuart and Roger for your responses.
Ian Walker

Hi Ian,

Just read your posting about the reason you want a set of additional lights... euh... foggies. If I recall right, the site of Hella will show you the effect on the road of all their driving and foglamps. MAybe it can help you to choose.


I always steered away (forgive the pun) from fitting fog lights in the radiator aperture as it might restrict the airflow to the radiator.

Better to cut holes in the usual position.

Bruce Caldwell

If you consider the position of the number plate a few small aux lamps don't seem to be a problem!
Stuart Elliot

Re the first post above:- The car was in today to fix the std window leak under warranty. I asked them to check and align the headlights if necs. They have and now I can see!

Ian Walker


On the legality side of things if you wire any aux lamp to operate with main beam only then the issues of 'seriously reduced visibility' (i.e. rain, spray fog, sleet snow, dust, smoke and such like) do not apply. If operated at other times then they will have to conforn to the various requirements of the Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations. Production examples of additional driving lamps mounted low and operating on main beam only are MG Maestro Turbo and Pug 309 GTi.

Roger Parker

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