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MG MGF Technical - Back again

Hi all,

After a great trip to England, and the car running fine after the HGF, i had a little setback. I got trouble with my back and could not walk for a few days, but even worse, could not get in and out of my beloved F, but now i am up running again, the season has ended here in Denmark, but look on to next summer.
Since my HGF i have had a little problem. When the car is up to normal running temprature, the throtle sticks a little, but only when it's hot. Can it bee the TP sensor, or the body?.

Rob, if you see this, please let me know if you have got a new e-mail, and if so, please let me know.,

Kjeld Andersen

Hi Kjeld, new email is robert dot m dot bell at kcl dot ac dot uk :o)

Glad to hear that your back is recovering - sounds nasty :o(

Sticking throttle can be due to a number of things, including the two you indicate.

Commonest causes are distortion caused by over tightening of the air filter hose jubilee clip (common on cars with an aftermarket airfilter), dirt stopping the throttle from closing (clean with carb cleaner or petrol), and heat distortion.

The TPS can cause problems - but can usually be reset by turing the ignition to position II, stamping the throttle 5 times and then switching the ignition off again.

The other potential cause is a problem with the IACV - but I'd check the other areas first :o)
Rob Bell

This thread was discussed on 19/10/2004

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