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MG MGF Technical - Back Light on Panel Switches

The switches at the bottom of the console are supposed to be backlit whenever exterior lights are on i.e. sides or headlights.
The panel switches are supposed to "brighten" when operated, and revert to dim when deselected.

Some of my switches lit up, some did not. Here's an easy fix when you've got 10 minutes to spare:-

Gently lever out the entire switch panel with a small flat blade screwdriver. Start in the upper left corner and work your way around until the switch panel is free of the centre console.

Each non functioning light switch is easily disconnected from it's wiring harness with a squeeze of the locating catch and may then be removed from the panel with a firm push "out" towards the car interior.

The backlight bulbs are tiny and part of a round yellow or green plastic plug. They can be removed with a half turn of a flat blade screwdriver and pulled out with small pliers to reveal two half moon copper tracks in the switch body. Freshen these with back to bright with a gentle scrape (small screwdriver) and do the same to the two tiny wires in the plastic of the removed bulb assembly.

Refit in reverse and with luck, you'll have a glow on your switches again!

J Lennon

This thread was discussed on 21/07/2009

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