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MG MGF Technical - Bad starting in the wet

Our MGF 1998 VVC is playing up in the wet weather lately.
She wont start, but she will if you leave her to "dry out"
Where is the distributor on the F so that i can try some WD40 till i get round to hopefully, solving the problem.
Tony Thomas


There's no distributor on the VVC. It'll be your leads. Swap the old ones for a decent set of magnecor blue ones and you'll be fine. On my '98 VVC I went through two sets of oem leads in three years (damp starting problems) before replacing them with the Magnecor ones, which have lasted the last five years without a hitch.
Dave Livingstone

Thanks Dave
Will try them
Tony Thomas

yes it help to change for the blue magnecor but be careful when you will ordering it, verify that you ask well for the VVC, because there is a difference between the VVC and the MPI. you can find it to B&G.
see you

Another vote for Magnecore leads. The VVC leads are longer and there are only 4 (no distributor, therefore no king lead). Don't get the bigger leads (red?? competition) as they don't fit in the cable guides.

Tim Jenner

This thread was discussed between 18/12/2006 and 19/12/2006

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