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MG MGF Technical - bad vibes

Hi all,

My history is the following: hit a kerb and thought nothing about it until my steering wheel started to vibrate under braking. Had my front discs replaced and took it easy for 1000 km. Now (after 3000km)it has started vibrating again. If I brake hard a few times it seems to improve, vibrating less. Then I drive around town and it feels like it degrades again. My garage has just proposed to just change the discs once more ("these are complicated devices sir") but this seems nonsense to me. Is there something I can look at myself, or what should I tell them?

If I need new discs I guess I'll upgrade to something else + greenstuff pads. Are these sold by Brown&Gammons and if so, where is their website?

Any advice welcome,



I also get vibrations under braking, esp. at high speed. I also wonder how to investigate ...

The cheaper place to buy EBC green stuff pads is JRT automotive.
the reference is DP-2817 for the front pads and they cost 25 GBP for the set.
Fisrt call +44 1494 79 22 11 to know the p&p costs .
Then fax your order at +44 1494 79 37 37.
I did it 2 weeks ago and fitted them last weekend.


PS : B&G's URL is

do you both have ABS fitted to the car?
If so it could be the ABS kicking in and causing the vibration.
If it is present when you ar edriving try and get your wheels balanced.
this might help.

ABS won't cause steering wheel wobble, as a problem would cause judder through the brake pedal. Changing your brake pads won't fix it, as they don't affect the balance of the wheel. Any good garage should be able to tell you where the damage is. I would ask them to check the tracking, balljoints, wheelbearings ie jack up the car and check for play at the wheel. If you've already changed the discs and its made no difference then clearly this points to a problem somewhere else.

Fabice: Yes, vibrates more at higher speed.

Lister: no ABS. It was ordered, but "they forgot to mount it". I was unable to reject the car- too beautiful.

Today we dismounted the wheel with a colleague who has been into motor sports. When turning the brake disc it wiggles between the pads: the axle is bent. I am curious to now what more I have damaged.


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