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MG MGF Technical - Bad Vibrations

When going at speeds from 60 + i get a terrible vibration through the steering wheel. Ive got P6000 on the front and to the best of my knowledge they are balanced ok. (I got them checked at the local kwik fit this weekend).

The steering wheel wobbles left and right.

Any clues guys????? Im getting SO2's fitted at the rear tommorow from a "good" local tyre dealer so I can get him to check stuff for me while im their

Cheers in advance
Chris Glen

Check you havent lost any weights as these can fall off or get knocked off while washing, this will throw the balancing out.. they will be stuck to the inner rim.

Nick Walters

Get the balance checked (not sure Qwikfit is the ideal place) and see if it fixes the problem. If it is still bad you will need a four wheel alignment done to check the tracking is good and adjust if required.

This alignment should not cost much more than 40 quid. If they want much more they are over charging. If they want much less than 30 quid they are usually chimps :-)

I find that a balance problem occurs at particular speeds wheras a tracking problem is usualy felt trhoughout the speed range. Also I find balance to be more of a vibration through the wheel and tracking tends to come out as a slight left to right wobble. Not sure if that was a very good description....
Tony Smith

Before you spend any money check that the wheels aren't physically damaged (i.e. from kerbs or pot holes) as this would through out the balance.

And the alignment...
Tony Smith

Cheers for the help so far guys. Praveen the wheels and the alloys look cool. When im getting changed tomora im going to ask the guy to check them out. Out of all the places ive ever been hes been the most intrested and helpfull out of them all! Its only a father and son firm and to be honest its the first time ive been filled with hope for a garage for a long long long time!

Does anyone think it could be just my steering rack lose??? The car doesnt have power steering at all.
Chris Glen

>>The car doesnt have power steering at all. <<

Sure? Or have you disabled it?

I had a similar thing going on when I first got my F (a year ago tomorrow!) - and at the same speed. An alignment check sorted it out completely.

Ed Clarke

Check tyre pressure. Also check tyres for any bulges caused by over-inflation.

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