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MG MGF Technical - Basic toolkit

Up until now have always paid for maintenance on any car. However, with the intention of keeping the future classic for a long time, suppose the time has come to dip my toe into the 'do it oneself' water. Household toolbox is miscellaneous collection of some useful but generally indifferent tools. Fine for putting up a curtain, not so good for the MGF. So, and after a fruitless search of the archives, looking for recommendations as to a good 'starter' collection of tools for the basic maintenance of an MGF. Any thoughts?

Chris Reeves

MGR used to market a boxed toolkit specifically for the F. It sat in the boot floor recess when not in use.
I have seen them advertised on ebay and without doubt a dealer somewhere will have one or be able to source one for you.
About 25 from memory.
Certainly oil/filter changes, plug/lead and air filter changes and brake pad replacement are well within the scope of the DIYer. It's the jobs like a cam belt change that are best left to a specialist IMO.


Tony Harrison


Now you mention it I do vaguely recall the kit, but cannot find any mention in my slightly comprehensive collection of MGF brochures from 1996 so think I will just have to ask tomorrow when the car is in for a few bits and pieces. Otherwise it will be a trip to Halfords with vague shopping list in mind.

Chris Reeves

... And then I trip over to ebay to immediately find this:

> The Kit contains the following tools:-
> Combination Spanners 8,10,13 and 15 mm
> Adjustable Spanner
> Pliers
> Feeler Gauge Set
> Tommy Bar 3/8" Drive
> Long Extension
> 3/8" Drive Sockets 8,10,13 and 15 mm
> Spark Plug Socket
> Screwdriver head with straight and angled attachments
> for flat and Posi drive screws

Is that sufficient for most straight forward jobs (part of my hesitation is reading on various sites about such things as the importance of correct torque settings), or I am being the complete naive innocent here?

Chris Reeves

Forget the MGF 'kit if your serious.

Ratchet spanners are a godsend, Halfords discont them around crimbo. Get a 10mm and and 8mm if you cannot afford the whole set.

Get non ratchet spanners too, as they have a kink in them which can get onto some bolts that the straight ratchet dont

A Socket set with metric upto 19, further is better. look for a quality ratcher.

Deep sockets are also great, cos you can use them on nuts with the thread showing.

A good socket set will come with a plug socket, if not then get one

Get some extension bars they make the tookit much more versatile.

There are lots of oil filter grip tools, they are all much better then the chain and strap of the traditional.

If you are going to do brakes or fuel filter changes then get a pipe spanner, a normal spanner looks like it will work, but it will just round off the nut.

A torque wrench is a good tool to have, if only for wheel nuts.

A 2' breaker bar is useful for tricky nuts

Plusgas for those nuts


copper grease

a funnel

a oil catch canister

I'm sure I'll think of more!
Will Munns

Yes, that is the one I had in mind.
It will cover the basics, but, do yourself a favour and buy some decent kit.
You will need a socket set, some good quality combination spanners, pliers and screwdivers.
Remember, buy cheap ~ buy twice!

Good luck

Tony Harrison

A jack, axle stands, ramps

'mole grips'

A set of star bits (for the seats and the door locks)
Will Munns

Thank you folks ... think I have got my basic shopping list now!

Chris Reeves

Make sure that any socket set has an 18mm socket to remove/replace wheel nuts as standard and a 19mm to do the same job when the silly chrome bits fall off!

BTW, whilst not good for serious work, the boxed kit is useful to carry in the boot, where there's a ready made storage area for it. There's also room in the box for a few extras.
Kelvin Fay

I got that wrong, didn't I? LOL!

19mm with silly cap, 18mm without.
Kelvin Fay

picked 19 for a reason ;-)

normal 19 may cause you trouble with your nuts, you need a deep 19 to cleanly get on the sides.
Will Munns

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