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MG MGF Technical - battery charger

Hi all, can anyone recommend a battery charger to charge a 1800cc car battery and also deliver a trickle/maintenance charge for my 1.8 VVC battery for overwintering? Cheers
j highdale


thanks John, where do I get it?
j highdale

Ditto John,
Think they are made by Oxford,

Most Bike shops will have them, 30ish.

Even come with lead that you leave connected all the time, just plug in when ready to charge!.

Thanks to both.
j highdale

B & G (Link on this BBS) do a good Coulombi Switch Mode Battery charger with either clips or you can plumb a connector in. It works excellent but remember to disconnect it when you give the engine a run.
Geoff F.
G. Farthing

Full details of Optimate are at

Works really well, is especially good for medium - long term non-use. Battery is continually charged, discharged but always maintaining sufficient charge for alarms, radios etc

As Mark says, any decent motorcycle shop/dealer should have them. Also believe I've seen them in Halfords. Have definitely seen them in BMW bike shops.


Sorry, meant to add that Mike Satur used to show a similar device on his site - worth a look or a phone call. He's not more than a decent drive out from you.

This thread was discussed on 18/09/2004

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