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MG MGF Technical - Battery Conundrum

The flat battery scenario is:

My battery became flat after a week of non use so I recharged it. The car fired up first time and I ran the car for ten minutes. The next day, the car started fine (first time) and I drove down the road (5minutes). I parked up and after 2 hours, I returned to start up the car and the battery was drained, needing a jump start to get going.

The car is a 97VVC and the battery is the original one.

So is the battery or the alternator or something else? - any suggestions please.
Mike Radford

Could be one or both!
(helpful aren't I!)

If you have a voltmeter slap it across the terminals with the engine running, you should see about 14.5 volts, if you dont then the alternator is duff. The battery is not definatly duff if the alternator is duff, but the battery is the most lightly to be dead (esp afetr 6 years)
Will Munns

Sounds like the battery has had it - not bad for a 1997 car.

A new one from any good auto shop should be about 50.00.

Ted Newman

This thread was discussed on 10/07/2003

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