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MG MGF Technical - Battery question

For the second time, I've managed to run down the battery. I must have flicked one of the internal light switches by mistake while adjusting the rear view mirror and not noticed the light left on for a couple of days - be warned. I have done that before.

After jump starting the car and a 130 mile journey, however, the battery indicator is still showing black although I can at least start the car off the battery. Does this suggest the battery needs replacing or does it take a lot of mileage to recharge the battery to green light condition? I don't recall replacing it before which makes it six years old.

Thanks for your help


Black Lights - Green Lights ???
What car do you have ?? The 'F' has red before engine start and then hopefully none.
Geoff F.
Geoff Farthing


I assume you meand the battery condition indicator on the battery, which should show green.

My original battery went flat as a pancake a few times whilst in storage over the winter months and was never the same again.

I got a new one and it's been fine. I stick a battery conditioner on it if it's going to be off the road for any length of time. This gives it a very low trickle charge.

Good luck!
Sam Murray

Hi John,

if the battery indicator is showing black then the battery should be replaced as it will now be at the end of it's serviceable life.

I have just had the same experience with my battery and it had to be replaced.


partco is 20% cheaper than halfords on battries, shop around before you get let down, mine was junk, would start the car only after it had rested, a restart after a journey would not be possible, but one after overnight or overday was just about possible
Will Munns

Hi John
In my job i look after a large number of batterys of all makes and sizes with the cost of lead at the moment all battery cost have gone up three time since christmas.

So never having a halfords battery fail with some 10 years old and still taking a full charge. (Luck ?)

Look at the price and the guarantee time hassel factor and work it out from there.

Regards Roger
RJ Rowlinson

Thanks for your replies.

Geoff, sorry to confuse you. I was referring to the indicator on the battery itself.



My F is about the same age as yours (2001)but the original battery didn't have a condition indicator on it. However, my 2004 ZR does. I'm just wondering if they changed the battery type just after my car was made or your battery has indeed been changed since the car was new.

I had to change my battery for a Halfords one when my F was about 3 years old and that one lasted a couple of years. Halfords changed it for a new one without any argument under warranty. I suspect that my batteries don't last long because the car spends most of it's time in the garage. Anyway, as Sam suggests I've bought a AccuMate Conditioner and now I don't have any fears about a flat battery.
David Clelland

Just to complete the story, I took the car to Halfords where they ran a quick, free battery check. Although the condition indicator light is still black, Halford's printout read "good battery" and 77% (of what I'm not sure, but it sounds allright!)

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