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MG MGF Technical - Battery/Start trouble

I haven't driven the F in about 2 - 3 months. I went to turn it over on Sunday and nothing happened, no lights, no power so I figure it must be a flat battery. I try to jump start the car, th lights etc come on and nothing except a loud weird fast ticking noise is heard and no start of the car. I figure the battery is dead but I just hope the second noise isn't anything more sinsiter. Does anybody have any ideas before I send for a mechanic? I had a look through the archives and all I can pull up is this;

Dieter K.
Posted 25 February 2004 at 20:49:49 UK time
Neil, the emergency push button only cuts out the fuel pump. (IMO)
Lights come off as usual, immobiliser needs blipper input once as usual, Starter will turn like mad, but the engine will not start.
The same happens on any side or front impact. Had this after I 'rolled' my poor old MGF.

Would echo what Mike said though.

I figure it must be the sound of my starter 'ticking like mad'. Are there any other possibilities?




I have experienced exactly the same problem.

Yes I suspect that your battery has completely drained.

I found that using jump leads from another car did the tricjk with some perseverence. The clicking noise is the starter motor.

I have a 10 year old F and find that it really needs to be driven at least once a week to keep everything in good working order.

Whoops....excuse typo's too much haste without checking spelling first.


I have this problem quite regularly at this time of year as I don't like taking my 1996 MGF 1.8 out in the rain (something we have a lot of in North Wales) and drive it about once a fortnight on average.

As Clive says, your battery has completely drained and the clicking noise is the starter motor.

I use a battery charger to put the battery on 'fast charge' and it will fire-up within a couple of hours.



Give the starter motor a "tap" with a hammer. They have a tendency to stick.

This doesn't sound like a sticky starter motor though - much more like a classical description of a flat battery!

I would always try and get a jump - it's the best way IMO.
Rob Bell

This happened to me at the weekend.Tried to jump start using my wife's galaxy no joy,still fast clicking.Had to actually start the galaxy and jump while the engine was running.

The fast clicking is unlikely to be the starter motor, it is the starter solenoid making and breaking. First heard the sound 40 years ago when Dad's car wouldn't start due to flat battery. The solenoid will continue clicking with the smallest amount of battery power until totally dead.
John Ponting

Thanks to all,

I appreciate your comments. You may have all just saved me greatly.


Once a lead acid battery goes completely flat, it's ruined and cannot be recharged. So the first thing is to get a new one.

My car does not get much use and batteries only last about 3 years, mainly because I forget to plug in the charger that I have mounted on the wall next to the car.


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