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MG MGF Technical - bearing noise

Hi there, I have just purchased a 1.8i 2002 model mgf
and have noticed what sounds like a bearing drone which seems loudest at about 40mph. It appears to be coming from the front. The handling also seems a little skittish on bends and the car wanders slightly when making small turns on the steering wheel. The car has done 16500 miles. Has anyone come across this problem? It seems strange for bearings to go at such low mileage. Apart from that the car is great fun.

cheers Mark.

just found all the info I need in the archives !!

blimey what a minefield !

M Francis

The archives are a treasure trove aren't they? :o)

Good luck with the wheel bearings - I agree that failure at such a low mileage is very unusual.
Rob Bell

Archives would be even more useful if folks used an appropriate Thread title!
Titles like "Help!" or "Advice needed" are no use to man nor beast!
(Sorry - its one of my pet hates!)
Russell Parslow

This thread was discussed between 18/04/2005 and 19/04/2005

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