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MG MGF Technical - Belt change

In another thread the comment was made that the coolant needs to be changed when the cam belt is replaced. Is this correct? Other than a time issue why would the cam belt replacement also require a coolant change?
Robert Matthews 1

Cambelt change does not necessitate a coolant change. However, the coolant change service interval quite often falls at the same time as the cam belt due to time and or mileage.


Of course, if you happen to be replacing the water pump, then you may need to consider a coolant change under these circumstances, but this is rather more obvious :o)
Rob Bell

Hi! Robert.

Just had the cam belt changed, a bit late, at
63,500. My garage also replaced the automatic adjuster
at the same time. I asked about changing the water
pump, but he said he had checked and it was fine, just
keep and eye on the water levels as this is the first
indication of pump failure. Charged me 560 for
a full service and belt/adjuster change. I don't know
whether this was dear or very reasonable, but I do
trust him and his work is good.

Bill Pearson
W.A. Pearson

Hi Bill, thanks for the info. Reason for my enquiry is because my F needs its 5 year service which includes the belt change. I have had quotes for circa 500 for full service, belt change, and MOT. I'm guessing the automatic adjuster is not part of the service and would be extra. My car is low mileage (less than 17k) but if it makes sense for the adjuster to be changed then I would get that done. Re the coolant change, I believe this has not previously been done (although I thought that was part of the 4 year service) and it would make sense to have it done now. Touch wood I do not have any level problems etc. The costs of the service seem very high but having shopped around the quote I have had is about average. I am having the work carried out by a local independent that has a good reputation and does have the experience of working on Fs. Robert
Robert Matthews 1

Hi! Robert

Certainly get your mechanic to look at the automatic
adjuster. My guy showed me the one he had replaced
and and his decision was certainly justified.
I bought the car s/h with 36k on the clock and
everything was ok at the 45k service. So I was
surprised it was so ropey when the 60k service came

However, since he has done it, it is certainly a
different car, much more responsive. The only
thing I had improved since my purchase was to put
a K&N kit on it, otherwise it is a bog standard F
that I am very pleased with. The adjuster I think
W.A. Pearson

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