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MG MGF Technical - 'berts bits' discs ??

Seen some brake discs on ebay - 100 quid for 2 x grooved & vented fronts & 2 x grooved rears.
selling under the trade name "berts bits"

Has anyone any comments as to their performance, longevity etc.

Recc's on suitable pads would also be appreciated.

g hampson


No experience, except that I learned many years ago........Buy cheap-Buy twice!

Be careful, brakes are not something you should be skimping on.

Tony Harrison

If these are standard discs that have been machined, they may be okay, but as mentioned many times before, I really don't like the idea of crossed drilled discs on cars.
Rob Bell

Thanks for the advice gent's, however a swift "google" sent me to the "performance Vauxhall" (ermm really?)BB where a reliable sounding gent by the name Chavtastic(!) expounds the merits of said discs - more importantly there is a link to the manufacturers website -
Would appear a decent set up, I may give them a go.
Bob, the discs are only grooved, not cross drilled, or am I missing something?

g hampson

I have a set of brake-engineering discs on the rear of my F which seem to be fine, I bought the discs only and use green stuff pads with these.

hope this helps.

don k
don k

Gareth, if just grooved, then perfect :o)
Rob Bell

Cheers gents
Bob - you're not Bob you're Rob! Sorry I got it wrong, but glad you knew who you are!!If it makes up for it I hate being called Gary, so I'll let you do just that - only once though.
g hampson

ROFL no worries! ;oD
Rob Bell

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