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MG MGF Technical - Best brake disks / pads


I need to get some new front brake disks & pads (3rd time around for this - still not too bad for 140,000 miles :-)

My question is whats the best choice for new (front only) pads & disks. As I may be selling the car soon I dont want to spend too much money, if possible less than the OEM parts.

Basically I want it both ways - I dont want to pay much, but would prefer better stopping power. Also as I am only changing the front end, I dont want to upset the front / rear balance of the car too much.


1995 VVC

EBC Turbo groved disks & greenstuff pads from B&G - 135

Can't comment on them but seems reasonable in terms of price.
John Pickup

I can comment on them and there're worth every penny. Minimal brake fade and virtually no dust.

Neil Stothert

I have just change to National disks and green stuff pads. Front disk and pads all round cost
Jon H

I agree with John - Green stuff are your best budget choice Alan. I gather that B&G do a good deal on the GS pads and discs?
Rob Bell

Slightly off-thread here, but how do drilled & grooved discs compare against original spec discs wrt pad wear ?
J Newman

Have a look at never used 'em but look cheap. Set of front discs for 30, and the pads are a good price too.

I've used Spareshq with no problems ...

Gaz R

>>how do drilled & grooved discs compare against original spec discs wrt pad wear<<

Good question, but one we don't know the answer to unfortunately :o(

Grooved/drilled discs tend to be fitted by people who also fit non-standard pads (so you can't compare like with like), and moreover these people are more likely to be using their cars that bit harder.
Rob Bell

I just had GreenStuff put on my front wheels by B&G - they said I might want to consider putting them on the back at the same time, but I didn't as they were hardly worn at all.

The difference over standard pads is pleasing, but obviously not as spectacular as you'd get by doing a big brake conversion. The brakes feel considerably more 'certain' now, although nothing like the amazing brakes on the TF160 I drove a while ago. However, *definitely* worth it for the tiny additional cost. Less brake dust on the alloys too? Not sure yet.
David Bainbridge

I got my EBC grooved rear discs and Greensdtuff pads from
I would definitely recommend them (Spareshq, well the EBC stuff too). They are much cheaper than any other place, quick, ... They even put 2 t-shirts in the pack !

On another hand, I also have MS big front discs conversion (280mm, drilled) with AP pads.
IMO, they are a big improvement over the standard system, but I cannot comment about them alone, I fitted all the things at the same time (along with braided hoses & DOT5 fluid).
Downside : you get used to it ... and want some extra braking power !
The best conversion I ever saw is Don Liang's 300mm Impreza's discs (front & rear!) + front 4-pot calipers ;o))

>>The best conversion I ever saw is Don Liang's 300mm Impreza's discs (front & rear!) + front 4-pot calipers ;o)) <<

That IS amazing! :o) See
Rob Bell

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