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MG MGF Technical - best brake upgrade

Ok guys
whats the best bang per buck brake upgrade
I think I have warped the discs slight juddering underbraking



Mintex 1177 Pads... but they eat discs.
Paul Nothard

Paul could well be right (you pesky varmitt Paul! ;o)

An easier option WRT disc wear are the EBC green stuff pads- superb IMO.

Other options expensive, and perhaps not worth the additional wodge?

Rob Bell

Paul is right - the best brake upgrade by a million miles is to fit Mintex 1177 padss.

I've had a ride in Pauls car - I wont tell you how fast he was going at the 200 yard marker on an approach to an island - but he slowed easily to take the island.

Techspeed reckon a set of 1177's will last around 12,000 miles - at which point you'll need a new set of discs to go with the new pads.


The 1177s are v.good but be aware of the other problem of sqealing.
You sound more like a bus sometimes!

As Rob says, the 'green stuff' pads are also good and possibly provide
a better compromise for road use.

Has anyone tried the EBC Red Stuff pads?
I suspect that they will be better but require more heat to get them working.
This could mean poor braking at the end of the drive! :o)

Paul Nothard

Quick question. B&G is about to ship out my order of a bunch of F items (today or tomorrow). I want to add brake pads (EBC greenstuff) and give Roger's excellent DIY installation instructions a shot!. In addition to the greenstuff for the front brakes, would you recommend I get the kevlar ones for the rear brakes, or should I leave the rears alone as the original pads still look good (only 13,000 km). But at 25gbp a pop, its a lot cheaper than normal replacement pads sold in Japan (well over 75gbp installed!!!)

I honestly don't know for sure.
I have 1177s all round and have not had experience of just the fronts being replaced.

However...I'll have a few guesses and others can confirm or deny this. :o)

On a normal front engined car I'd say not to bother as the vast majority of the braking
is done by the front pads. ie. Upgrade the fronts only.

On an 'F there is more weight at the back and this simple rule doesn't hold as much.
I have no facts or figures, but I'd guess that it's a 70/30 split between front and rear.

So for an 'F my suggestion would be to upgrade all round with the same.
If money is a problem then you could always paint the rear pads! :o)

Paul Nothard


Thanks for your comments. Well, just got off the phone with B&G and they will include the Kevlar rear pads as well as the front green one's. For a mere gbp25, decided its better to get it now. Figure it can only help. Just means a couple less pints tonite after work...

On an unrelated topic... for those of who complain of prices you pay on MGF parts/ accessories in the UK, let me show you some samples of the outrages prices charged in Tokyo... I expect a few chuckles here and there...

(all prices in GBP equiv., UK prices based on what I ordered from Brown and Gammons)
Momo Leather Gearshift Knob GBP38 (B&G) vs GBP114 (Japan)
Chrome Ashtray GBP38 vs GBP98 (Japan)
Painted Mudflaps Set GBP85 vs GBP286 (Japan, nearly 200 just to be painted)
Clear Indicator set GBP55 vs GBP90 (Japan)
Autoglym Super resin polish GBP6 vs GBP17 (Japan)

They don't sell EBC brake pads so I can't compare. But my shop is pushing one's made by a company called Kranz Giga for GBP118-180 for just front set (incl. installation)!!!! At that price, can't blame them for pushing it...



Green stuff sounds good
1177 sounds a bit too much
I wouldnt worry about destroying the discs
they are only GBP29+vat A PAIR from B&G
or Martin Wood has got a secondhand pair for 15 (5000 miles only) bargain
I am not sure that those 300+ big disc swaps make a massive difference

Roger Parkers instructions
where would i see that?



In the MGF Technical archives, search under the phrase "Fitting new break pad". That was the heading of the post where Roger gave his instructions for replacing brake pads..

I think Roger should compile his step-by-step instructional posts for a more techinical MGF FAQ online!!! Excellent source of information for those who don't mind getting a little dirty, and simplifies a lot of tasks that most of us would leave to the Rover mechanics (plus the servicing costs!).


Michael Pak

there is already an MGF technical tips FAQ, reached via a link at the top of this page. There is nothing to stop anyone - or even you - trawling throught the archives, collecting and submitting edited material for the FAQ. This is how it works for the FWD people.
David Smith

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