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MG MGF Technical - Best Exhausts

I've recently purchased a VVC and have fitted a K&N 57i filter kit - what a sound and improvement.

I am now looking to improve the performance a little more and am looking at exhaust systems. Firstly, is this the next best area to look at? If so which one?

(I have already tried Bodyshopwarehouse and Magnex but cannot get a back box system without a CAT - any advice on where to get just the box)
J R Ward

There are loads of aftermarket items available, have a look at Rob Bell's website, he has a 'compare and contrast' section on them:

>> <<
>> <<

Scarlet Fever

Be warned on the performance front. The K&N is by far the best bang for buck. Fitting a new exhaust might give you a more interesting sound but it is very unlikley that you will be able to feel any performance gains.


Patrick Beet

I hope Will Munns doesn't spot this...he'll probably go bananas!

After all Will, this has been covered before hasn't it?

Tut tut!
mgf bloke

mgf bloke - it's such a welcoming and friendly place this, isn't it?


PS. With the exception of a few notable contributors, for those I thank :-)


I hope you remember that Will turned on me and not the other way round :)

My sarcasm is a dig back at him, nothing more.
mgf bloke

No, I won't jump here, because the threads listed do not cover this, yes there is a MASSIVE amount of stuff in the archives on this, but the archives are not the most obvious link. HOWEVER the HGF thread was started not only when there were other HGF threads active, with clear titles, but they happened to be the two most recent, you would have to have been blind to miss them, or have the attention span of a small child.

Will Munns

My mistake - and that's what it was, Will - was an honest one.

Wasn't really the end of the world was it?

I don't feel there was any need for your reaction, that's all.

I believe you admitted you were bored, so if that's the reason you had a go at me, I will be willing to accept an apology.

But, if you can't admit you were a little harsh, then that's okay too.
mgf bloke


Consider a Milltek from B&G. One of the best ones made and sounds fantastic.
Blue Pocket Rocket

Agree with BPR, I've got the Milltek fitted.
Would love to tell you more but I have to go and thrash up and down through a tunnel near here to remind myself (again) just how good it sounds! ;-)

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