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MG MGF Technical - best oil for the mgf ?

i checked my oil level a couple of days ago and found it to be on minimum ?!?

i used some standard castrol to make do...but what is the best engine oil to use in the mgf and how often in reality should i check it - ive done 15,000 miles on a 98


steve brown


I use Mobile1 and change every 6000 miles


Ive used mobil 1 15w50. Now im using mobil 1 0w40 tri-synthetic. A tunning expert has already advised me the MOTUL COMPETITION since the f (here in Portugal the air temp is about 24c) is always between 125-135c when travelling in a highway at 180-190 km/h. Higher speeds influence higher temps. It only takes five minutes (more or less) at 225-235 in the speedo to reach 140-145c in the oil temp gauge. Only a good synthetic oil handles it!
ps. i hope so... :)
Bruno V.

I used castrol magnatec after suffering a noisy
hudraulic tappet. cured the noise straight away!, no problems since. vvc 10000mls

when i choose a particular oil should i also do a full change every so often (eg 6,000 as matt said)

is it easy to do a full change on an mgf, or is it a rover jobby

steve brown

It's a very easy job : one bolt to unscrew !
(be careful if the oil is hot)
Do not forget to change the oilfilter aswell, costs around 5 GBP from Rover.


PS : me too, I do an oil & filter change every 10000 km (6k Miles).
I use synthetic oil. (Penzoil last time)

is there diagram etc to show where the bolt/filter is, and how much do you put back in ?


steve - (the mechanical thickie)

steve brown

You'll find the purge bolt and the oil filter on the righ bottom side of the engine.
Impossible to miss when under the car.
4 liters would maybe be just enough, altough it's better to purchase 5 liters.

If you are topping up with oil, then use the same oil as was used at the service.
If you change the oil yourself then remember that you are dealing with an alloy engine - use a torque wrench.
You not only need to change the filter, you should also change the sealing washer on the sump plug. Tighten the plug to only 25 NM.
Fill with oil through the main filler cap on the cam cover (you must remove the engine cover under the rear parcel shelf) - the filler cap under the boot lid is actually the dip stick tube (!)
The filter and sump plug are visible/accessible with the rear offside wheel removed - but you must secure the car properly.
Dispose of the old oil legally.

K333 MGF

I've never found it difficult to fill with oil through the dipstick tube.
It takes less than 5 minutes.
IMO, it's a waste of time to remove the engine cover (unclipping the hood, removing and refitting the carpet and the cover takes at least 15 min...).

You're right re. the torque wrench, although I've never used one for an oil change. (I wonder what an MG technician is doing ...)
I'm not sure about the obligation of changing the sealing washer : after a close inspection of it, I haven't found any deformation.



><I've never found it difficult to fill with oil through the dipstick tube.
><It takes less than 5 minutes.

You obviously own a 'special designed' filler or have a special filling technic.
I trued it at my 96 MGF only once. After half an hour and having pored 1/2 liter down outside the engine onto the garage floor, I gave in.

CU, in 2 hours :)

Yep Fabrice...Dieters words are mine too!
You own a special one...
Bruno V.

I use Mobil 1 0-40 Change every 10 000 miles + Premium filter
cost naerly 30 for 4 litres
Until end march Halfords give 10 off for avery 50 spent on oils and parts
Mileage 64 000 Zero top ups between changes
I have trouble with rear wheel bearing Help!
Where can I buy a workshop manual?

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