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MG MGF Technical - Best place for new pads

It's about that time when the brake pads need to be changed. At the last (36K) service they noted the pads would need changing at the next service. I'm now approaching 43K miles.

Got any suggestions on the best place to go in terms of quality and price. Having paid ATS prices for a new set of tyres recently I'm loath to pay dealer prices for pads as well. Suggestions wanted for either the Midlands of Essex/Herts.

My car usage is mainly motorway driving, interspersed with as many country trips I can fit in. Should I stick with just the Rover standard parts or would there be advantages to using other pads?

better stop here before I think of any more questions!


You could do a lot worse than try the EBC Greenstuff pads from a known supplier used by FWD register and MGM group people - JRT Automotive in Chesham 01494 792211
David Smith

I have just places my order for EBC green stuff front pads and kelvar rear pads for my MGF, from that other FWD supplier HJW Motorsport.

Road report to follow after I have them fitted and bedded them in. :o)

Rob Bell

Rob, let me know how you get on. I have also purchased a set of the Green Stuff (36) and will get them fitted at the next service (March).

18 MGF

Will do Daren. I have also bought a seet of braided hoses to replace the original rubber items, and shall report the change with these too (plan fitment time end of the month, early March)

Rob Bell

Darren says he bought a set of Green Stuff pads for 36.00 so I guess this is for just the front (or back) ???

I was pondering while looking at the specs for these brakes what the likely outcome is of fitting these to just one end of the car. If the brakes are improved by the claimed 20% and they're fitted to just one end doesn't this throw the brake balance all to cock???

Or am I rambling???

R737 MPN???


Over to Rog I think, for his advice and experience.

The info that comes with the pads recommends fitting the pads to the front- and in fact, EBC pads are currently ONLY available for the front calipers of an MGF. The info strongly urges against fitting EBC GS pads to the rear only (if that option were available to us) for precisely the reason you mention Stuart: the rears would be far more likely to lock up because of the greater efficiency over standard brake pads.

Imbalance is not so much of an issue for the front pads- the front wheels take most of the load of braking in any event (if evidence is needed, just look at the comparitive brake dust accumilation front versus rear- the front wheels are ALWAYS dirtier). In fact the majority of 'family' cars, even today, have the less efficient drum brakes on the rear axle.

Therefore, I'd sumise, fitting EBC GS pads on the fronts only is unlikely to result in significant brake imbalance. In any event, I am electing to replace the rear pads with EBC kevlar items as a matter ofcourse- so hopefully avoiding any potential imbalance problem.


Rob Bell

Front calipers are the same as used on the MPi GTi Metro and the pads are the same physical shape as all Rover Metro pads. At the rear the calipers are the same as Rover 800 rears and the pads of the same pattern as the 800.

I mention this to draw attention to the fact that if anyone choses to purchase pads from a High St motorshop, and I include bigger establishments as well as small shops, then you may find that the lesser well known brake pad makers will have already clocked the commonality and will simply use their existing pads from the older models. Usually this is not a problem if the original parts are of high quality.

Unfortunately where you standardise on a spec that is common for a lower performance vehicle then the use on a higher performance car can lead to unwanted problems. Clearly here there is a wide gulf between even the top spec MPi Metro and the VVC MGF, and a massive one from the 1.1C Metro to the VVC!!

Standardising the other way is fine, and in fact Rover did this with the Maestro range a few years ago when several different specs for pads were commonised for the type applicable for the MG Maestro Turbo.

I raised the above first as this is potentially much more of a problem that worrying about a mismatch from going to a superb pad like the 'Green Stuff'. In practice the use of 'Green Stuff' will not upset the balance at all, other than enable the car to stop quicker.

With increased braking performance you will find that the weight transfer from rear to front will be increased and the standard compensation of the braking system will accomodate this so reducing rear brake effect accordingly.

If your not in the market for OE pads then let me simply guide you to any that are from recognised top line makers such as AP Lockheed, Girling, Mintex, Ferrodo, Don, Car makers brands such as Motorquip (Peugeot) AC Delco (General Motors) etc. This list is far from complete and there are many others out there and all the reputable ones have a good profile.

Fitting incidentally is very simple if you want to do the job yourself.

Roger Parker

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