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MG MGF Technical - Best Rear Window Cleaner to use

Greetings from NZ fellow F'ers.

I have a 97 BRG F, 30,000km on the clock, and after owning a 67 'B'roadster for 15 yrs I have been more than happy with its performance and reliability.

Im interested in knowing what the general opinion is on what the best product is to use to clean the plastic rear window.

Whatever I use seems to leave a slight 'milkyy' film on the window.

Thanks for your help guys.


Auto Glym Super Resin Polish



Even better try gray gate, you can get it for the MGCC F register for 5. Works really will.


And if you can't get any Greygate, then Mer polish is just as good.

David Mills

Mer has the one major down side of being an abrasive polish - i.e in the long run your window will get thiner.

Autoglym super resin polish is non abrasive polish and is ideal for the rear window and will not cause any damage, so i second kieron, its is very impressive how clear that window real is underneath all the crap

Haven't used any of the above, but a long time ago someone recommended the use of Swarfega hand cleaner, ( the green grit free one).

I've used it three or four times now and I think it would take some beating. Needs doing inside and out, and clouds up again after 4 to 6 months depending on weather, damp makes it cloud quicker. But it only takes 5 minutes and is dirt cheap.

gavin phillips

Without a doubt Greygate is tops. A workmate scratched the plastic headlamp"glass" on his astra, greygate took the marks out and polished it to a high gloss.

Hi Steve,
you might like to give some undiluted Simple Green a try. I used this on the outside of the screen a couple of weeks back and it worked well. Have yet to do the inside. It does not remove any scratches, of course, but looks like it cut through the film. Made a big difference.

Cheers, Neil
Neil Courtney

Greygates gets my vote - excellent stuff.


After reading this thread, the increasing film of pure opacity on my rear screen inevetably started playing on my nerves.

To be honest, I've been considering buying some GreyGate cleaner but I

A) Forgot where I saw it, and
B) As usual, never got around to it!

Once I read that Autoglym Super Resin does a good job I thought 'Well, I already have some for the rest of the F so why not?'

Anyway - Well done whoever first thought it might work, good work... Boy does it... Window is now cleaner that when I bought it!!

Serious recommendation... TRY IT !!!

2001 VVC - Tahiti Blue - Clean back window !!
Rob Phelps

I suggest you try RENOVO PLASTIC WINDOW POLISH - great product and excellent internet order service - on - works well on my 1929, 1960 and 200 hoods.

er... I second... I mean third or fourth or whatever that Autoglym Super Resin Polish does a fab jab. Mind you I've never tried anything else...

I find that my rear screen ends up being just about the dirtiest part of the car. I tried a rain repellant to stop little droplet-shaped circles of dirt forming, but really it just made it worse, as the gradient of the screen wasn't enough to make the droplets roll off, and there doesn't seem to be much airflow over it. My F's quite new so I just try to make damn sure that I rinse the window extremely well before I wipe it *gently* with a sheet of kitchen paper, and then dry it with the same to stop smearing.

Perhaps I should try the opposite - a wetting agent insetad of a repellant. I'm not just a sad obsessive - I do find that my rear view is pretty crap in light to moderate rain. Perhaps I should just lower the roof and drive fast...
David Bainbridge

Steve, I've been using a tube of cream sold by BMW. Since BMW's also put out rag top cars, they also need a cleaner for their rear windows. I've been using it for a couple of years and I'm quite happy with the results.

I'm curious about the Autoglym Super Resin Product as a cleaner for the rear window. I'm using this stuff for my F and as a polish, is great. Could I suggest that you contact the Autoglym Distributor in NZ and ask them whether they believe the Super Resin polish can be used on the rear screen.


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