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MG MGF Technical - Best Shocks for a 96 F

OK guys please recommend the best aftermarket front shock absorbers for a 1996 MPi MGF


Hi Neil,

Any gas adjustables are a big improvement, and they're not expensive - around 50 each. The two contenders are AVO and GAZ, I went for the latter and they serve me well. The adjuster needs a dollop of grease occasionally to stop dirt getting inside and siezing it up, but it's very useful to be able to vary the damping rate - soft for road use, and about 70% stiffness for track days, which keeps body roll to the minimum.
Mike Hankin


My vote would be to ditch all of your shocks (if they're the original, then they must be pretty much doing nothing by now anyway) and go for Techspeed's Bilsteins.

Techspeed developed these for road use from their experience of setting up the original MGF Cup cars for the track. They are unique and not the same as off-the-shelf Bilsteins.

As you know, I use my car for Tesco shopping, commuting, countryside tootling and serious track days! I can honestly say that I've never felt the need for adjustables. The combination of these shocks and the hydragas system gives you the best of both worlds - serious handling AND a smooth ride. Let's be honest, how many people do you see adjusting their shocks anyway, even on a track day!

When I changed mine (more than five years ago now) it was one of the first serious mods to my car as it had been on a three year private lease beore that and had to remain standard. When I picked up the car from Techspeed, it was like driving a totally different car. Bang for buck I don't believe there is a better performance mod you can make.

Get them before you come along to North Weald in November and you'll discover the difference at the limit too!
Dave Livingstone

Yeah But how much were they? and do they still do them?

Does the shell need re-inforcing for these as well ?
Have been thinking of uprating the shocks on my '97 VVC for a while now, and have always been put off somewhat by stories of cracking around the rear shock mounts.
Jay Smith


Yes, they still do them :-) There are people going this route all the time. They're not a great deal more than any aftermarket shock, but I don't know the answer exactly. Give Marvin a call on 01926 632066 to find out.


No they don't require any re-inforcing of the rear turrets. There are many cars that have run Techspeed's Bilsteins for years without problems.

Having said that, my car has suffered with cracks around the welding near the driver's side rear turret. The MGF bodyshell was hand welded and there are weaknesses. The problem on my car was different to some of the damage you see when adjustable shocks are set too stiff. Mind you, even adjustables on high settings doesn't guarantee turret failure. It just seems that some cars are more prone to it than others. Bear in mind that my car is also used for track days and so takes a lot of stick!
Dave Livingstone

OK - looks like Techspeed have updated their website with pricing - see

Neil - is your car already lowered with knuckles? If so, take note that the pricing for the Bilstein package on this page is inclusive of lowering.
Dave Livingstone

This thread was discussed on 09/09/2006

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