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MG MGF Technical - Best way to clean softtop?

Does anybody have any suggestion about cleaning the softtop? Products to use? Things to take care of?
Gian Marco
Gian Marco Mazzocchi

Gian Marco,

Don't use detergent as it damages the waterproofing. I tend to use warm water and gently sponge it clean. When dry or just as basic maintenance use a soft brush to get rid of dust etc.

There's a product over made by Autoglym (is it available in Italy) that's a specialist hood cleaner and restorer - but I haven't used it personally.


The MGF Register sell 'Nikwax' non-detergent soap for soft top cleaning and 'Nikwax' spray-on waterproofing to re weather proof.

Still have not used it yet though as waiting for a couple of small repairs to roof before cleaning and reproofing. Hopefully will be done for this weekend if the contratcor turns up Friday.

Keith Williams

Gian Marco,

Have to agree with James. The autoglym product is the "Cabriolet Fabric Hood Maintenance Kit" - comes with the fabric cleaner and the re-proofing agent. It's the business.

As for cleaning the plastic rear screen, try some Swarfega (the green stuff you use to clean your hands when they are covered in grease) - it works a treat.


Raj Jena
Raj Jena

This thread was discussed on 13/05/2001

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