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MG MGF Technical - Better headlamp bulbs

The philips Vision plus '50% better' got a good magazine review recently Has anyone tried these aftermarket headlamp bulbs?

I can get them for GBP 18.95pr is that good? Are they worth it. The std Osram bulbs/headlights don't impress me much. So any experience folks?
Ian Walker

You need four lamps to upgrade the whole thing. If you look in the archive there is quit a lot on this subject and also a cheaper supplier who is good and sends the new lamps out by return. I'm sorry but I can't remember the name even though I did use them. They do make a difference and are worth changing but they didn't seem 50% better to me.
Stuart Elliot

Read the review in the Product Test section of
look under H7 bulbs The Philips Vision Plus come out best
Then go to
to buy them

I changed mine some time ago and they certainly improved things. As I recall the bulbs are all H7 you will need 4, at the time I paid approx 20 inc p&p.
pete Fincher

The powerbulb web site thinks:
MGF Low Beam = H1
MGF Main Beam = H7

Can any body confirm?

PS: What are the tech details of the bulbs fitted in the MGF fog lights ?
Stephen Ratledge

I have put the Phillips H1 on dip and they seem to be better but difficult to compare. I think that both dip and main beam are H1 as they only have one connecter which matches the existing connector on my Mk1.

Can anyone confirm?

Tom Grayling

They are both H1 on my 2000 vvc.
Stuart Elliot


MGF Low Beam, Main Beam and the MGF fog lights are all 55W H1's were excellent I ordered the bulbs midday on Tuesday and my way out of the house on Wednesday morning the postie handed my a package with my new bulbs!

I have fitted the Philips Vision Plus H1 bulbs. When compared to the original they are better even my wife could see the difference, by looking at the lights from out side the car.

Only time will tell if they are better for driving.
Stephen Ratledge

Is see that Powerbulbs sell illegal 100W H1 bulbs. Has anyone tried these in the main beams.

I see the possibility of heating problems and maybe wiring and fuse overload

The car was in today to fix the std window leak under warranty. I asked them to check and align the headlights if necs. They have and now I can see! So now I know they're pointing the right way I'm getting some Philips Vision Plus for Chrismas. As said above both dip and main are H1's. The original bulbs are Osram's but can't see which ones.

Ian Walker

Have been using 100 watt bulbs for two years -no problems.


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