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MG MGF Technical - Better performance in cool air?

I was out driving last night, and I am positive that my Abby was feeling so much more responsive and lively than during the day. I guess that it has something to do with the air being cooler.

Is there anything that can be done about this for 'day' driving? Preferably as cheap as possible ;-)

R585 ERO Abby
Chris George

Fit a K&N filter and an induction pipe taking the cool air below the engine bay; lots in the FAQ and ARchives on this.
David Smith

This is why I love winter hood down heater up driving!
...just watch for frost! :o)

Paul Nothard

How about putting ise cubes in the air filter box?
Paul Lathwell

Just fitted a K&N. I would definitely recommend it. It make such a cool noise when you're accelerating. I'm making up an air scoop box with pre-filter from fibreglass, as the pipes dangling around under the car don't seem like a very good way to pick up clean air. Only problem is I can't stop revving it up to the limiter, because it sounds so good. I think I better get a new head gasket on order.

>Fit a K&N filter and an induction pipe taking the cool air below the engine bay

Don't think the air below the engine bay is cooler than the air from somewhere else.
1) It's under the engine bay, so it's hot especially when the car isn't moving for a while (i.e. waiting in front of a red light)
2) The surface of a road get's really hot when the sun is shining on it.

The advance of the induction pipe is the ramair effect.


Fit K&N ... fit aircon ... connect aircon to K&N induction pipes ... hey presto a turbo charger whenever you switch aircon on !!!

Car does feel so much better in cool conditions even after K&N has been fitted.

I think some folks on this BBS are looking into 'scooping' attachments which will direct more cool air from under the car into the K&N unit ... Rob ... Roger any progress ???


my car felt very good last Friday, over 30C outside. Drove upto 230 w/o problems and I still could go faster, but I preferred not to ;)

Isn't it damp air that gives this effect as well.

I noticed years ago that all my cars went better in damp air.

>>I think some folks on this BBS are looking into 'scooping' attachments which will direct more cool air from under the car into the K&N unit ... Rob ... Roger any progress ???<<

Haven't really had the time to do any more experiments recently Gaz. But I do plan an enclosed filter system sometime in the near future- more of that when I actually do it!!!

Haven't heard from Rog WRT the MR2 engine bay scoop. The purpose for this wasn't to provide the filter with cold air, rather to keep engine bay temperatures down. However, one can see an application of this scoop for filter cooling purposes...

Derek, you are right- very humid air does indeed increase charge density- presumably why some very high perfarmance engines employ water injection?

Rob Bell

Thanks for all the advice, and I especially like the ice-cubes in the filter box!! Inspired!!

Looks like I may very well have to fit a K&N...

R585 ERO
Chris George

Gaz, Rob,

I have done some static temp testing using a borrowed Fluke meter and K probe. This covers now some 4 cars, three F's and one Rover 218iS. The results have been somewhat eye opening and as a result I am repeating the tests another twice to average out the readigns and confirm the temp ranges experienced. These are an integral part of the process of seeing if the MR2 air scoop works.

On that front I have also fitted the scoop to my car and deliberately travelled down a range of raods with traffic calmin measures (IOW bloody humps) to see how vulnerable the addition is. It isn't! The fit was also quite simple too so if the next series of tests show an advantage then I will go public with details.

I have had a delay as the K probe is a fixed length which plugs into an intermediate module that has to plug into the Fluke. This isn't long enough to allow the proble to be fixed into a closed engine bay and to then drive the car to obtain readings. I have made up an extensdion to run between the intermediate module and the Fluke, but I want to be able to confirm accuracy by doing some more back to back tests.

I also intend to do some more intake air temp tests as well to add to those gained from the rolling road exhaust test day. This will include standard and modified induction systems so finally there will be some confirmation (or otherwise) of the 'on road' benefits of my re-routed induction system.

As can be imagined this is very, very time consuming and work has been far from helpful in allowing opportunity to do this, more interesting work!!

Roger Parker

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